Monday, September 21, 2009

Cutie Boy (manhwa)

Another manhwa that i surprisingly finished reading quite fast. it was enjoyable while it lasted hehe
han ah used to be bullied in elementary school for have a wide and flat butt. she hated that boy ever since. now in high school, she's the legendary captain of il hwa girls' high school and looking for a pretty boyfriend. she meets the mellow and seemingly perfect yoo min, and there their story starts.
from the forums, it seems not many are as fond of this manhwa but for me, i don't know why, but i enjoyed it. mostly, there is comic relief here. the art is quite good too. our main leads are really dumb though, or to put it nicely, too naive and innocent at times, especially yoo min. but that is the fun of this manga. hehe i didn't think his dumbness didn't go overboard personally. his friends' reactions were a joy to watch too and it was really suspenseful at times too. near the end especially. i thought one thing, but it turned out the other.
overall, this manhwa has action definitely, romance and loads of humor. it's definitely an enjoyable read if you want to while away your time. it's on mangfox and complete so enjoy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Accept You (manhwa)

in case, i haven't explained before, manhwa is a term for korean comics, just like manga is for japanese comics. this manhwa is quite nice although it could have been better.
yee su yoon is a high school student who is really popular and has everything going well for him. he's handsome, clever, top fighter and has a really beautiful girlfriend whom everyone describes to a barbie. but why is it he always seems to mistreat her and instead protect a girl named chae shin hee?
so yea, the story mainly revolves around there. and it's really nice too, but maybe some might find the art not as good as many you have seen. but you'll get used to it. the only thing is that it was finished fast, as in there were many loopholes in the story. it could have been extended further. but since it was the manhwak's first manhwa, i guess it's good for someone who's just beginning. i hope that more of her manhwas in the future will be even better.
this manhwa has most of the genres that i like. romance and action. hehe some drama as well though i'm not really into drama. it was kinda shocking when the manhwa was getting interesting and then i'm seeing in the forum boards that there's only a few more chapters to go. oh well. it's complete now and on mangafox so go and read it if you guys are interested. enjoy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Koishite Akuma/Vampire Boy (japanese drama)

i like to read mangas on vampires and all so i was really glad when i found this series and even more so, after i finished watching it although there were some sad moments as well.
it's mainly about our vampire boy ruka, who has yet to mature to a full fledged vampire. To do that, he needs to drink human blood that he's drawn himself and so he goes to the human world. there, he boards with jiro, the owner of a chinese restaurant and enrols in high school. his homeroom teacher is a cheerful but meddlesome young woman who catches him off guard. and so begins their story.
unlike most shows, i actually felt this show flow really smoothly. for a short 10 episodes, it was quite good surprisingly. i did feel our main actor lacking at times, but given his good looks, all was forgiven:P the supporting cast did really well too, especially the classmates.
i don't know why but the show touched my heart at times, and i really felt for the teacher too. she did good i felt. there were times when ruka was really cute, like his denial to drink his teacher's blood lol he looked at everyone but gave her a miss haha
the ending was quite sad, and later it started to get a little serious. i was worried that it would be too rushed and thus wouldn't be as good, but surprisingly, it was put together very well and didn't make me feel regret or anything. even the end, only the romantic in me hoped for a happy ending where they ended together. but even though they didn't, looking at it from another angle, it was a good end i guess. but still, i wanted them together sighhh
anyway, i watched this on mysoju with eng subtitles but i had some problems with the viikii videos. but seems like it'll be settled on 17 sep?? hope it does, it's only a few more days to go. and now, i'm off to more mangas and dramas and animes and whatever i can 'gorge' myself on.

Monday, August 24, 2009


ok, so i've read tons of manga and watched tons of anime, but have been too lazy to write about any of them, or just didn't really like them. but i quite enjoyed this manga, even though it was quite short. 14 chapters to be exact.
Ryuu, a super business like transfer student just arrived in japan from england. Yukino, your ordinary girl and ryuu become attracted to each other at first sight. He then declares,"You'll be mine!" Yukino who doesn't have any love experience is of course confused.
Thus, this series is mostly about their falling in love, their feelings. this manga has just been completed, and i quite enjoyed it. i felt it had all the necessary ingredients that i liked, romance lots. some comedy and even a little action though that was really little. the art was good too. the guys and gals were hot and cool and really pleasing to our eyes. it also helped that there wasn't much love triangles at all. it just means that really sweet moments between the two, and it's really sweet how the guy is so possessive and all. ehhehehe oh well, i can rant on and on but will not. hope you guys enjoy the series.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eden of the East (anime)

Somehow, a really weird and yet, endearing anime in some ways. I think most people would be bored or something but i was kind of compelled to keep watching. i liked it overall although i did wish that the ending could have been a little my personal liking :P
A young japanese woman, saki, is in washington dc as part of her graduation trip. When she gets into trouble, a young man with no memories of his own and completely naked, akira, helps her. He's carrying only a gun and a cell phone with 8.2 billion yen in digital money. While they're coming back to Japan, they learn that a new missile attack has taken place again.
What kept me going for this anime was the mystery surrounding it. I was like, man really, what's the deal with him. I wanted to find out who this akira was and all. at times, i thought i might get bored but didn't really as i really didn't want to miss out any clues there were.
It also helped that the main characters were quite pleasing to the eyes. They were not the best i've seen but definitely not the worst either. hmm..i forgot what else i wanted to write but oh well.
seems like this anime still has some sequel if you wiki it. but rather than anime, there are 2 anime films instead. you can watch it on veoh and animecrazy. well hope you enjoy it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Gunparade March (anime)

hmm...quite a short anime, just 12 episodes to be exact. i watched this because there seemed to be some action and romance in it and also, the characters were quite good looking hehe
i guess the story's more about hayami, an indecisive boy, and mai shibamura, a quiet aloof girl. there are some actions when they're fighting those monsters and all, but basically, it deals with their feelings for each other more.
but one good thing that i like about this series is that, despite it being short and only based on feelings, feelings are quite realistic. also, there are some really sad moments and definitely lots of hilarious moments. that's what kept me going. it's a good thing that there wasn't more episodes cos frankly, i thought the story plot was not much, just simple. thus, it would have gotten boring. but it's just nice with 12 eps.
you can watch this on youtube, but if you're looking for jap dub with eng subs, i suggest tht you type: 'gpm 1' or whatever. well hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bones (english series)

I know this is not asian drama and all, but i just had to rave about it while i'm watching it right now. ehehe well i guess most of you know this series. ok i'm so laughing my sides out as i'm watching one of the episodes
but roughly summarizing, dr temperance brennan, 'bones', is a forensic anthropologist working at the jeffersonian institute. she is also able to read clues left behind in the victim's bones. FBI special agent seely booth, well, he's your normal fbi agent. the two become partners and solve crimes in their unique way and it's mostly about them and the crew at jeffersonian.
well this is a vague summary i know but i'm not really in the mood to write more, considering it's late in the middle of the night. but i will rave about it some, and if you think you might enjoy the series, go ahead.
what i really loved about this was the chemistry between the two main leads. their characteristics are just like most characters that i read in novels that i really enjoy and so, you can understand why i'm so in love with our two main leads. plus, it helps that they're really pleasing to the eye.
another good thing is the character development of not only them, but the other supporting characters like the jeffersonian crew, their personal lives and all. of course, there are 4 seasons for it to span out but it's worth it i feel. i heard that there's a 5th season on the way and that it'd be airing in US around september.
i love the humor that can be found in such a show as this; you see gore mostly, like dead, rotting bodies, skeletons, etc etc you know what i mean. but in spite of all this, humor is injected really cleverly and i find myself smiling and sometimes laughing out loud. it's not just the witty lines and all, it's the looks on their faces, it's priceless no matter whose face it is we're talking about.
that's the other best thing. the cast is wonderful. they acted out their roles really well. especially during season 4, which i've just finished watching. some characters really made my day. well i can go on and on but seems like i gotta stop here for now.
i hope that you guys will enjoy this as much as i did. i can't wait for all season 5 eps to be uploaded now since season 4 ending was such a cliffhanger. sheesh i was like, what??? how can it end like this? nooo and all. hehe well just click on the title to get to the page to see the episodes online.
oh and i also forgot to mention that they sound so cool and professional using all those scientific words hehe they say the words so easily, but i bet they didn't really know how to say them or what they really meant before they started the show i have practically watched all the episodes from all the seasons that the characters feel so close. hehehe

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Older animes i've been watching...

Laziness!!! If that was a disease, i'd have been dead ages ago. I hate to admit it but oh well, man am i lazy. And it's not just house work and all, it applies to writing too. I've watched like I don't know how many animes and dramas, read how many mangas, and yet, i felt too lazy to write about them. sheesh.
Even now, i am feeling really lazy so i guess this post will just be a short one eehehe hmm Dragonaut: the resonance - an anime that i watched, and it's the type that i am into, with action, romance (this is like a must for me, in mangas and animes) and humor all in one. i don't think many will like it as i have to admit, the plot or something was average. but the dragons were sure cute^_^
Turn A gundam(i think, or was it after war gundam???oh well, we can just google it or whatever) - suprisingly for quite an old anime, i actually enjoyed it, good mixture of action and romance as well as comedy. the fight scenes were pretty cool, in fact, i enjoyed this gundam lots.
Bokke-san - a manga that i enjoyed, it was short and sweet you could say, you can find this one on mangafox. there was action too, i had hoped that it could have been longer with the characters developing and all, but i'm quite ok with this too.
Well there are others that i watched as well, but i seem to have forgotten what they are. pathetic memory i have here BI oh well, enjoy urselves.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kentan Butoh Sai/The Mars Daybreak (anime)

i watced this series completely and was surprised that i even managed to finish it ehehe i mean i did like it, but the romance, which is quite important for me, was a bit too little for me. ... ok so now, i'm writing after so long. i had totally forgotten about this post hehe and would have had i not checked. well i won't say much since i watched this quite long ago and have forgotten most of it. but there is a lot of action in it so action buffs and all might want to try it out. anyway i hope you enjoy it. on mars is tough

My Queen: Completed!!!

Finally this series is completed. How long I waited. The past few days, the last episode was completed only halfway since viikii had some problems so i was stuck watching halfway, wanting for the end, although it was my fault that i watched it knowing it wasn't complete yet.
I mentioned about this drama earlier on, so now, i'm just gonna be posting my personal views that's all.
The last few episodes took me by surprise. I was wondering how they were gonna end the show and i have to say that they really did a twist or at least it was for me. and it was so mushy towards the end. hehe sweet stuff, really touching. but i would have loved to see a maybe...preggy shan wu shuang??? grins jus my opinion:P
But well, finally it's complete. so you guys can see it on mysoju though i heard that there were some problems with the site as well. i don't know what but read from another blog. but anyway, it is fine for me so far. enjoy ppl.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Special A - hikari and kei

ok so i finally finished making this video^_^ i had already finished the manga ages ago though, was just waiting to upload these at the same time. i recommend reading the manga too, it's hilarious. the pictures here are mainly from anime and from my contacts on multiply, who uploaded the pictures there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tell me you love me (k.drama)

I would have really loved this if there wasn't too much sad stuff happening.
2 childhood friends who have grown up together since they were little share everything, even their dream, so to make that come true, both of them enter the same film company. And then, there's Ina, a successful owner and president of the film company. She also has Hee Soo beside her though they're not madly in love and lead their own private lives. When she sees the 2 childhood friends, she begins to feel jealous as she did not really have that experience. And now, she's feeling at loss so she tells Hee Soo, "Take Young Chae away from Byung Soo".
This story was a little different in the sense that Byung Soo was different from the characters i had seen so far. of course, there were his type of characters in mangas and all but in a series, this is a first, unless i forgot that is. :P
He is naive, veering to the point of nearly dumb i would say, but that is what makes me endearing too. He is so devoted to Young Chae, now she is the one with spunk and one who controls the bulk of their relationship. and yet at the same time, she understands him so well. Their chemistry is so good, and i really enjoyed every part of their happy scenes that they had which unfortunately was not much.
The things that they had to endure made me so tired, not tired of watching mind you, but tired as i felt like i was in their shoes. Man, if in real life, i had to go through that, i wonder if i would have been able to cope hmm...
But you know, the world is so vast, i think there are actually people who've had similar experiences. Not the same of course, but maybe similar in some sense. Oh well, but overall, this is still a nice show. I really felt for Byung Soo but at times, i wished that he'd grow more spunk and be more selfish too ehehe anyway enjoy watching this, you'll love the relationship between Byung Soo and Young Chae for sure if you're like me. And Young Chae's father really made my sides stitch in the beginning part of the show. lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Spy (k.drama)

Nooo, i want a sequel!!! i want the second part if there is one, if there isn't, then pleaseee producers make one. you can't end it like this >o<
Lee Sun Ae (nam sang mi) is a widowed police officer who finds herself entangled in something deep and messy after meeting rich, young Han Yoo Il (dennis oh). Kang Jun (lee joo hyun) is her late husband's junior who is now her superior at the police station. He reopens an old case that involves Sun Ae's past, leading him to an entanglement between current political/economical powers and secrets and one of them oddly enough is Yoo Il. Add to that, a love triangle starts to develop among the three. Who exactly is Yoo Il?
Frankly, i really loved this show. It was somewhat different from what i had seen so far and its genre is one of my fav. action romance!!! with thriller, what can be better. add to that, great hunks and beautiful babes:P
Well, there was suspense and the developing romance between yoo il and sun ae made me swoon. he's such a sweet and cute character. kang jun was funny haha, cool and macho type lol and sun ae, great job doing such a thick skinned yet spunky role lol
But like i said earlier, i definitely want a sequel cos there are many questions unanswered i feel. so many things unsolved and THIS IS A SPOILER!!! Yoo il dies, well he might be alive though. hehe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tazza (k.drama)

I was really amazed by this series. So many twists and new developments in 21 episodes. I loved it of course.
Go Ni(Jang Hyuk) and Young Min(Kim Min Joon?) were childhood buddies who went through thick and thin together. One day, to get money for Young Min's grandmother's operation, Go Ni took his mother's years of hard earned money and gambled it away, and of course, he lost. And thus, his life is changed from then on. Due to some events, he ends up in jail and meets people who changes his life forever.
This is just a quick and lazy summary of mine. Don't think oh it's so boring and all hehe sorry i can't write in a better way. You'd be thinking what is tazza and all, that was my question as well since i don't understand korean. But from what i understand from the show, it most likely means a gambler who cheats, or somewhere along those lines i guess.
Not only action, but you can also find romance and humor here. The romance between Go Ni and Nan suk(Han Ye Sul) is so sweet. too sweet sigh Childhood friends, hidden crush, separation, reunion, and then separation again, sigh so much drama. I mean they don't exaggerate but my heart always skipped a beat when i saw them. When they see each other, they're just grinning like fools lol They don't even have to say much, just grin. But the chemistry is there.
The humor is great, i personally liked dong chul haha he made me laugh, but of course, the other stars were fabulous as well.
Young Min was a half villain here hehe half because he was made by circumstances but in the end, he still loved his two friends(go ni and nan suk). I really felt for his character, it was so sad. I really like Jang Hyuk, (go ni) i've seen other series of his too. well go ni really matured in the end, of course everyone in the show matured and changed since it had been years:P nan suk, wow she was amazing. she could be so sweet (to go ni) and then really vicious to her enemies. not often but at times, it can be seen. i've seen the actress before too, in some really bitchy roles she does a great job, bitchy and innocent. madam jung, another actress, was wonderful here too. great job by her.
But what i really liked was of course the romance found. as usual hehehe ^_^ it's so sweet that nan suk and go ni are so dedicated to each other, their love is so awkward, and so sweet and strong at times. sighhh oh my fluttering heart sheesh and the way they do the tricks wow, did they really do it? or is everything just a trick? i'm talking about how they swipe the cards or flip so fast and all. if they really did it, man they must have practised lots. oh well anyway i hope you all enjoy this. it's got everything i could look for in a drama.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update:Empress Chun Chu(The Iron Empress)(korean)

This has been updated and now I can't wait for more. I was actually beginning to get bored with maybe 3-4 of the previous episodes but episode 35 made me wanting for more. It's going to get really interesting now, the battle between the two queens hehehe
And it's also really confusing. Merchant Kim is getting me confused. I wonder what he will do in the end though i do know what his intention is. Oh well, for those of you who is actually watching this show, interesting isn't it?^_^

Hong Gil Dong (k.drama)

Truthfully, i wasn't expecting much from this series but i still decided to watch cos the actors all seemed really good looking and pretty :P well partly that and partly because i do like korean period dramas or somethin like that anyway. but yea the former is the main reason. ^_^
Hong gil dong is an illegitimate child of a minister, heo yi nok is a naive and carefree girl who's just returned from china to korea, looking to make a fortune with her grandfather and lee chang hui is a prince who's been told that he's a rightful king of korea. Somehow, they all cross paths and there, their story starts.
Like i said earlier, i wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised. i actually enjoyed myself while watching this. There were times where i fast forwarded but i did not skip any episodes. The actors, supporting and main all, did a wonderful job in my opinion.
Yi nok's grandfather and gil dong's master especially stuck in my mind. They were one of the main source of comic relief besides yi nok and gil dong who themselves, were wonderful. It's partly because of the latter two that made it really enjoyable. The relationship between the two was so sweet.
At the same time, i loved the prince too. I bet it must have been tough to always keep scowling or be moody like the prince did. The very few times that he was able to smile, it was wonderful to see that. The prince was more of the silent type who doesn't socialise much and all, opposite from gil dong, who's lazy and hyper. So when the prince met yi nok who's so naive and in her own words, dumb, he started to slowly change and i felt myself rooting for the two to be together though i knew that it was not the case since gil dong was more of the main.
But if the story and all was a little different and there was no gil dong, i would have loved the two to be together. my romantic heart anyway. The strong, silent and wicked guy who changes because of the naive innocent girl. sighhh
oh well, enough of that, so the main reason why i enjoyed this show besides the points i mentioned above is that this show is hilarious. It made me smile and even laugh out loud at times. If someone had seen me, I'd have looked like a fool. kk enjoy guys^_^

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beautiful Life

Another takuya kimura show^_^ couldn't help it, loved him on pride so wanted to watch another of his shows again, one which i thought i'd like anyway, and i did. i'm sure many know of this show too.
Kyoko, (tokiwa takako) wheelchair bound due to illness, and Shuji, (takuya kimura), a famous hair stylist, encounter each other in a traffic accident. Despite their confrontational meeting, Shuji is drawn to her courage and enthusiasm while Kyoko is attracted to his ability to look beyond her handicap and into her heart. However, there are obstacles as usual before they can be together.
What i really liked here was the problems both of them had, how they tried to solve it or what they did anyway. It was realistic i felt, and tragic though i really didn't want tragedy in my shows that i watched. Near the end, my throat was always constricted, tears threatened, though they didn't pour out. so you can more or less guess what happened.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pride (j.drama)

Takuya Kimura is sooo hot here! In my opinion anyway ^_^ I just finished watching this series though it's not my first time of course. I watched it again because i especially liked the chemistry between the two main lead actors. grins yea i know, againnn?? hehe who cares. i like it and that's all that matters^_^
Haru (kimura) is the star player of an ice hockey team while Aki (takeuchi yuko) is your normal ordinary ol (office lady). So what do they have in common?? Watch the show hahaha sounds like i'm promoting huh,
well i don't really know how to describe thus i'll just leave it at that, but i really gotta admit, i enjoyed seeing the chemistry between those two going from awkward to good and all. ^_^ and it's not only about them. There are their friends and their problems, the ice hockey and all, though i guess the sport is not as much the main factor maybe. I wished they had more series together but seems like this is their only collaboration unless, i haven't seen or come across any which is highly possible too.
But again, i really really gotta say, i felt that takuya kimura looked his best here from all his series i have seen so far. It also helps that his character is a confident, arrogant man hehehe Well hope you all enjoy^_^

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get Love (manga)

A really fluffy read for manga lovers. It's a light hearted manga that makes your heart go awww, how cute or sweet:D Personally, i didn't think i'd enjoy it that much, in fact, i had even skipped the manga to read others. But i came back because i had nothing better to do you could say. Of course, there were tons of other things i was doing at the same time, just that i had nothing to read:P

Sagara Yuki is a high school student who's the shortest boy in his class as well as in his soccer club. Moriyama Miki is the girl who only has eyes for this short but cute boy. This is a manga that shows their budding romance and how they conquer obstacles to their love.

It's really funny, haha this manga, even now, i just re read one chapter cos i hadn't read it yet, and yea, i was laughing to myself lol

So if you guys are looking for something to relieve your stressed head or heart, then this might be one of my recommendations. What i liked the most is that their feelings are both mutual, and the manga is more of how they fall in love even more and the 'obstacles' they have when they're beginning to get closer lol

It's not complete yet but who cares, i think i'd still read it even if it were updated months later. ^_^

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi/Love of my Life/Just One Love(j.drama)

"I'm always looking for things when I'm with you." haha Loved this drama. First love or our love when we're young, it's mainly about this. A sweet, touching and pure love story.

This is a love story between hiroto (kamenashi kazuya) and nao (ayase haruka), who are both from different backgrounds, different status. Hiroto works hard everyday for the survival of the factory that his father left him and also for his mother and younger brother, who is of weak health. Due to this, he's forgotten how to smile. Nao is the daughter of a popular jewellery shop owner who's very rich. She's well loved and is so innocent that she says what comes to her mind. From the moment hiroto meets her, he slowly starts opening up to her, though he's still quiet hehe Their 3 close friends also play important roles in their developing romance. But of course, every relationship has its troubles and they are no different.

It's said that the script writer for this, erika kitagawa, is also known as the goddess of love stories. And i have to agree that this story was really well written. i especially loved the love between the main leads, there were really such sweet moments. And despite being young, they talked seriously about serious topics too. I don't see that much in many dramas you could say, or rather the way they talk anyway. And it's all quite realistic in a way too, the problems that they encounter i mean. It's so sad at times too, and the song goes really well.

The chemistry between the two main leads was good. Their roles suited each other here and they looked good, though i wished that hiroto could have shown a bit more expression at times. but i'm still fine with it. The innocent young love is shown really well in this series. The characters all acted so well, made me feel emotions that they were feeling at the same time too. of course, not like them but i felt for them you could say hehe yea i know i'm ranting.

Well anyway, this series is complete online, you can find it on veoh and youtube too, though the latter doesn't have english subtitles i think. and the video is much clearer on veoh. hope you guys enjoy this one as much as i did.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Pound Gospel (j.drama)

I had seen Kamenashi Kazuya in other serials before but the only thing that was stuck in my head about him was his unique features you could say. I thought his acting was ok then. So when I watched this series, I was quite surprised to see him doing this type of role and by this i mean a hyperactive kinda guy. He looks as if sullen roles suit him better or something i guess. hehe just a biased opinion of mine, please don't kill me guys>_< In this drama, hatanaka is a skilled boxer but because of his inability to control his appetite, he faces a string of defeats as it always puts him in a heavier weight class. One day, he collapses due to working out excessively and is found by a naive nun, sister angela. He immediately finds himself interested in her and pursues her.

This is actually quite a light hearted series so if you're looking for some laughs, then this is quite a good one. Rather than boxing, it's mainly hatanaka chasing after sister angela. hehehe hatanaka is quite a hyper character and a cute type i guess so i bet it must have been tough to act like that for so long. some more, he shouted a lot in the drama hehe so the actor's voice must have been hoarse. our sister angela is innocent but that doesn't mean that she's stupid or anything. she's got a mind of her own hehe and i felt that the two actors suited their roles quite well. There were some cute moments of both the characters that made me go 'ow cuteee'
Even the supporting characters were really good. His boxer friends as well as the chairman and the trainer, and also nori chan, she's working at the same part time job as hatanaka and has a crush on him. she made some scenes really good too hehehe i still laugh when i recall them.
Of course, i would have to say that the story plot is not much but since this drama is a comedy and quite light hearted, in fact, it's similar to lots of shoujo mangas that i read, i'm fine with the show. It's so endearing how hatanaka likes sister angela so much that all his expressions change at the mention of her name lol And i'm quite satisfied with the ending too. Well anyway, i personally enjoyed this series very much so if you want to just lighten up your heart, then you might try out this one.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Waltz (k.drama)

Another drama that made tears well up at times for me, but in the end happy ever after^_^ It was such a sweet drama. Before i go onto my rants, here's what it's basically about.
Su ho's father, to escape debt, came to a remote island, where he had a friend with a daughter the same age as su ho, eun young. Su ho wanted to leave after he was abandoned by his father, but decided not to as he was touched by eun young's pure heart. You could say he fell in love too.^_^ But later on, his father stole money that was meant for eun young's operation and to get it back, eun young's mother went to seoul to look for him but got into a car accident. Unknowing su ho, with eun young tagging along, also went to seoul, but eun young later collapsed and had to have surgery. Su ho thus made a life changing decision and so the story goes. :P
The relationship between su ho and eun young is so sweet. It made me go aww you know. In fact, the relationship between the four main characters, su ho/jae ha, eun young, philip and lee na, is great. I mean, their roles really grow with the series and mature.
Su ho really loved eun young and it can be seen in his eyes. Personally, that's how i felt anyway. I was even amazed at how he was able to cry and laugh openly as his role was a cold guy and all. But he looked so sweet when he was open.
I especially loved the scenes between su ho and eun young, they're just so sweet and su ho is so much more open and unguarded. But at the same time, i love the time spent between eun young and philip too. It's so refreshing and philip just made me go aww with all his sweet gestures. He's so thoughtful of her and aware of her. Eun young seems to have fun with him too. If there was no su ho, i would have loved eun young and philip's pairing. They looked good together.
But not only are the actors/actresses really good, even the song suited the drama so well. I don't really know the title but i did hear one love and all. Sounded so sweet.
I don't really know the actors' names here but you can find it on mysoju of course. i do know daniel henney though hehe He was in "my lovely samsoon" too. well enjoy the series.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Love to Kill (k.drama)

A tragic love story as is hinted from the title too. Tragic and sad stories are not my cup of tea. My romantic heart wants a happy story >_< but i still watched this because i like the two main leads, rain and shin min ah.
Bok gu, a K-1 fighter, falls in love with Eun seok, a celebrity. It's forbidden love for him because his emotionally wounded brother became a vegetable partly because of her. His brother loved her too. Thus, Bok gu seeks revenge on her and while bringing her to destruction, he's falling deeper in love with her too.
It's actually a nice story, if only it had a happy twist in the end. But i guess, in a way, it's...happy? i don't know. If they had extended a little more or clarified how life went on, i would have been more satisfied i guess.
Rain did a good job i felt despite being a singer. I felt longing in him, pain and happiness from Bok gu. He looked cool too:)
Shin min ah is one of my favourite actresses. And i was really satisfied with her performance here too. Her character had a lot of crying to do. Near the later part of the drama, it was especially touching and made even me emotional.
The supporting characters did great especially kim sir,:P, da jeong and mi sook. the latter was the one who lightened up this tragic show. It was a welcome relief from the sadness there was. Our other two supporters were really realistic. Both of them were really selfish but in the end, they learned their lesson. It was hard to hate them, especially as their feelings were an emotion almost everyone experiences. Of course, there were times where they were really irritating. Not the people mind you, but their characters hehe:D
I definitely don't want to watch sad shows but once in a while, i guess it's ok. ^_^

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time between Dog and Wolf (korean)

I just finished watching this korean drama and I actually watched all the full episodes. Of course, I did fast forward at some parts :P I finished watching this 16 eps drama in 2 days. no mean feat^^
It stars Lee Joon Ki, his is the only name i know><" sorry the other guys but everyone was really good. I didn't feel as if oh this person could have done better or she could have done better. I was just too engrossed in the drama, and the characters were all really believable. and by all, i really mean all the supporting roles as well.
Soo Hyun( joon ki) is in the special internation narcotics drug crime investigation unit. When he's young, he witnesses the murder of his mother at the hands of a gangster and is seperated from his childhood friend and love, Ji Woo. Soo Hyun is adopted into Min Ki's family where both grow up and join the NIS. Ji Woo and Soo Hyun are accidentally reunited due to playboy Min Ki but again separated because of Soo Hyun's plan of revenge. This is what it's about more or less.
Initially, i thought that soo hyun would be a little stoic in acting and all, but i was proven wrong. In fact, he amazed me as his role was quite tough i think. of course i might be biased:P Ji Woo is really pretty. She too pulled off her role well. Her role was quite irritating at times especially later in the series when she wanted to be with soo hyun. I thought that she would put him in trouble. But it just goes to show that she did it so well for me to be irritated hehehe Min Ki is your average playboy and he does it well, though i was surprised that his role was actually so understanding as well. He was very down to earth i felt, and realistic. Kudos to him too.
Near the last episode, I was so surprised by the turn of events. I nearly had a heart attack hehe you might probably guess more or less what could have happened. But luckily, it didn't happen. Though the ending was acceptable, my romantic heart did wish that they could have shown ji woo and soo hyun together or meeting each other. Of course, there were clues that they were together and all but i wanted to see with my own eyes. sigh it's just my romantic heart thinking of course. You can find it all on gooddrama. Hope you guys enjoy this too.

The Myth-Endless Love (, jackie chan, hee sun kim)

Another song that has been stuck in my head for quite a while. I only recently heard this song while i was surfing youtube actually.
It's a song from the movie The Myth as seen on the title. hehe and yes, it's sung by jackie chan and korean actress kim hee sun. The lyrics are really nice and the tune is great, soulful and melodic. There's even piano versions and one in particular is really nice.
I haven't watched the movie but if you click on the title, it leads you to the song and movie trailer. Although the movie might not be to everyone's taste, you might want to listen to the song. It's soothing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tong Hua (, guang liang)

When I first heard this song, I loved the tune. It was so soothing and somehow got stuck in my head. Even though I didn't understand it, I loved it. Some time later, I saw the video. And it was engraved into my mind. It was so sad!!! Too touching. I was really moved by the story, and with the song playing together with it, it was a bomb. And finally, just recently, i actually saw it with the lyrics translated. I was a goner for the song. Loved it absolutely.
Of course, this might not be everyone's cup of tea but it sure is for me. The actors did a good job with their acting. haha it even made me laugh at times, the guy was so stoic lol
I even tried to play it on the piano, unsuccessfully. But i did manage to play a simple version of it that i made on my own hehe Of course the original beats it hands down since i'm just playing for fun. Just click on the title to see the translated version of the song and video.

Legend of Condor Heroes 2008

I can't find this show fully subbed yet in english since it's only recently been aired. But I still completed watching the show, even though it was totally in chinese and i didn't understand much hehe
Most of you should have known the story by now but there are actually some minor differences between the original and this one. And I gotta admit i do like the changes. I especially the casting of the characters. Everyone did a fabulous job, some could have done it better of course, but overall, i enjoyed it very much. The chemistry between the two main leads is so good. The romance between them is so pure. huang rong is so cute and mischievous while guo jing is just too...innocent.^_^"
Ariel who is acting as huang rong did a great job i felt. It's a pity that her voice was dubbed as it was said her accent didn't really fit the people of those times or something. But even the dub was good. If i hadn't read somewhere that it was a dub, i would have gone on thinking that it was her own voice. hehe She did especially the small gestures like the eyes or hands, tilting of her head, really well. loved them.
Hu ge did a good job playing guo jing. I'm amazed how the role suited him so well.0_0" But there were times where i felt that he had a little too much make up or something>_< he looked so fair, his lips red or pinkish. but his acting was good.
Yang Kang and Nian ci were good too. I felt the latter could be better but it was good since her role was quite a quiet and a little introverted. The four great elders were really cool hehe Great acting from them too.
Well you can find all the episodes for this series on veoh but it's not subbed. It's in chinese. You can find subbed versions till ep 9 on mysoju and dramaclick. otherwise it's not been updated elsewhere from what i know. Let me know how you feel about this drama. I saw a blog where the review of this was really detailed and good but i forgot where it is now. ehehe

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Summer x Summer

I watched this show but skipped some episodes as well cos i got bored around the middle. But overall, i did enjoy watching it. It brought me laughter and there were some touching moments as well. I watched this quite long ago so i've forgotten some parts of it or rather many hehe.
Tons of unfortunate events happen to our heroine because of one dollar. She is saved by an angel who gives her a dollar but that angel is actually a devil in disguise. Our devil is very spoiled until our unfortunate heroine practically changes his life. He starts to be interested in her but they're polar opposites.
I watched this when i had nothing else to watch and though i skipped some, i'm still glad i watched this. Joe Cheng was really cute especially when he pouted or sulked. He did that wonderfully hehe But there were times I felt, that maybe he could have been better, as he felt stiff at times. But that was his role i guess. Cai Yi Zhen was another reason why i watched this show. I love her laughter, it's really contagious, to me anyway :P She did well with her role too, being infatuated with the hero. And playing a bubbly innocent girl is not easy i feel. We might overact sometimes, and personally, laughing and smiling so much feels like a chore to me. heeh
Well anyway, fans of Joe and Yi Zhen might want to watch this one. It's an idol drama, complete and online on mysoju. and on other sites as well but mysoju is easy to navigate for me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Empress Chun Chu(The Iron Empress)(korean)

Loved this show. It's not complete yet actually but I'm always eagerly awaiting the updates for this one. Not many will like it of course. Since this is more of a historical drama and all. Of course, it has everything like betrayal, love, laughter and so on.
It's basically about our female lead's trials you could say. All the events that led to her being the empress and how she fought to achieve the dream of reclaiming their old land.
It doesn't sound impressive i know and truthfully, i wouldn't have watched it as well. But the lead drew me.
Chae Si Ra plays the empress and does it really convincingly too. I saw her before in 'Emperor of the Sea' where she was actually a cunning villain. She was fabulous there too. So when i saw her in this role, i couldn't recognise her at first as she looked totally different. I wanted to be sure if it was really her and lo and behold, it was her! The roles were different and so were the looks. The only thing that was similar was that both were strong women and they suited her to the core. hehe
Of course, kudos to the rest of the cast as well without whom the show wouldn't be what it is today. Our young empress was really good too. She is in Boys before Flowers too playing Jandi's best friend, Ga Eul.
What I especially like so far is the relationship between the mother and son. It's so touching but I guess it's partly because i'm a mother myself that I was able to empathise there. But the little boy is really good too. I've seen him in Boys before Flowers acting as Jandi's younger brother. Both the mother and son parts are really heart breaking to watch. And the empress's guard(i think) hehe he does a good job acting as a guard. He seems to like her but can't say anything because of status i'm guessing. And seems like there might be a triangle in the near future of the series.
Well my rambling is beginning to tire now, if you just want to watch it, or see who are the actors/actresses, click on the title. It will link you to mysoju, where there's the picture and the episodes. If anyone has seen this drama, feel free to post your views or comments here. It's much appreciated.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese Paladin 2005 (chinese)

Another period like fantasy drama that not many may like I think. But who cares, I enjoyed it though the ending suckeeeeed for me >_< The summary described it perfectly in one sentence. 'It starts off sweet and light hearted but ends with plenty of tears.' sigh Well, it wasn't really that bad but it's tragic and I totally don't like sad endings. I'm one of those who go for happy ever after though in reality, that's not always the case.
Well another show starring hu ge, and this time there's crystal liu. She starred in return of condor heroes 2006(roch) version also. She did a good job there and on this one as well. When I first saw her role in this series, it took me aback truthfully. Cos in ROCH, she was the quiet and heck care type but for this, she was initially shown as really cheerful and outgoing and i was like whoa, this is totally different. You could say her xiao long nu character was stuck in my head.
This show on a popular rpg game of the same name. So you can expect lots of special effects. Many might not like it cos it looks fake, and i'm admitting this as well, but if you heck care on that, then you'll enjoy this because for me, like i said, it has character growth or rather development. And there's so much drama that it made me pull my hair out. I was like, man please when are those two gonna get back together. When they seem like they're back tog, something happens. sigh And in the end, you can more or less guess how they ended up from my earlier rants. -_-
But I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I had no idea of the ending of course so was enjoying myself until I began to get a bad feeling for the end but no matter, it was an enjoyable show. And now, they seem to be having a new release, chinese paladin 3 actually. not sure if there's a 2 or not, too lazy to check. But this one is set 50 years before chinese paladin. hu ge is starring but his co star is different, I forgot her name but she was guo xiang in ROCH 2006. So you should know who she is. Those of you who watch i mean hehe. well enjoy all.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan

This is somewhat different from what I usually watch. It's a chinese historical drama. I usually don't watch these kinds of shows cos I suck at history and I find it kind of boring. But this show, though at times I have to admit I forwarded a lot of areas, I was captivated by some as well. I'm usually attracted by the character development in stories and this one had it.
It's mainly about the Yang family. (They seem to be quite popular) Well, it's about them mostly and the women in their lives and the problems the court is facing and all. I wouldn't really have watched this too if not for a particular actor whom I like :P Hu ge (well that's how he's known as anyway too lazy to find out more.) He's the 6th brother in this show, Liu lang. He looks really sweet when he smiles and all.
Well anyway, like i said, the character development sealed this drama for me. There were times when I was smiling along with them, or feeling angry, jealous, tearly and all. It's even funny at times. i didn't notice myself doing that until an episode came to an end. A particular part near the end made me all choked up and teary and believe me, I'm not one to easily get teary eyed.
It was during the battle at the golden beach (that's the name i think) There are so many sons in the yang family. 7 to be exact. All went for the battle. Only two returned home. sigh The way they were killed, godd The way the youngest, 7th, brother died especially made my heart break. I was too full of emotions then.
But with the good, there are the bad as well. For me, I felt the ending was too rushed and that I didn't feel the story complete at all. That's because one of the sons, 4th, actually survived but he never gets to meet his wife at all. Instead he loses his memory and marries the enemy princess. -_-" i think if they had put in some details towards the end as well, maybe it could have expanded to one or even two more episodes. Oh well.
This show, I found it on veoh so you might want to see there and don't worry, there are subtitles for those who need them like me. It's complete and online. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Sassy Girl Choon Hyang/Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (korean drama)

Well after so long of feeling lazy, I've finally decided to write again. ehehe and as the title goes, I've watched that drama. Actually I've been watching tons of others as well and completed them. It's just I was too engrossed with watching to update here on my views and thoughts BP
hmm I don't know how to describe this one. I mean I enjoyed it and all but let's see.
Well, our hero is transferred to high school where our heroine studies and let's say, their first impression of each other is not good. But due to some events,(hilarious ones^_^) they get married grins and our heroine starts to have feelings for him. But alasss, our guy is in love with another girl, an older childhood friend. sigh and then into the scene enters the CEO of a famous entertainment company and our story progresses.
I enjoyed this series because the characters grow as the story progresses. Our guy seems really useless but near the end, he actually becomes quite hot and capable ehhehe I was entranced the future him:P I also liked how our strict and stern CEO actually became soft towards our heroine. And they would have made a fine couple if there was no hero there hehe but our CEO can be quite villainous at times too. Our hero's childhood friend does a good job as well and she actually turns out to be pretty decent as the series progresses.
But though I did enjoy myself, I have to admit that i skipped out maybe 2 or 3 episodes. There was a little too much drama for me, more than I could take :P and the next episode led me to a few yrs later and I enjoyed myself again. It's a good show and helps to occupy our time if you're free that is. It has action, romance, drama and comedy. What more can one ask for? I watched it at mysoju but I think you can also find it on dramaclick. That's another site that has tons of korean, jap, chi, tai, dramas, movies and anime.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Queen (taiwanese drama)

This drama is actually incomplete but i was tempted by the title so i clicked on it. And i liked the short summary as well and so decided to give it a go. It didn't disappoint me. In fact, i can't wait for more episodes to be uploaded. It seems to be a new drama as the film date says january and this series stars ethan ruan and cheryl yang.
Our main lady is really touchy regarding her age. She's 33. She meets our main hero through a series of events and is even more pissed off when she finds out that he's 8 years her junior. He's 25^_^ Also, our lady being a really tough nut to crack, she's really fierce, capable, competitive and all, it's easy to say that she's not really that well liked.
I decided to watch this series mainly because it's nice to see a younger guy liking an older lady. Pure love^_^(romantic heart speaking here) Both the leads do justice to their roles. I have to admit initially, I didn't really like the actress as I didn't really know her that well. I had just heard of her name but after watching this, she did the role nicely i felt. I didn't like her character's behaviour at first too, she thought she was the best and didn't think about others' feelings. but she seems to gradually change due to the 'lil devil' as she thinks of him hehe
Well, i guess there are many more episodes to come as well as obstacles to their 'growing love' in the future. tht's what a drama is all about. jus click on the title on my blog if you're interested.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kodocha (manga)

I loved it! What more can I say? It might not be for many of you because the art is a little on the cutesy side and all, but it had everything that I liked and disliked you could say. Well, it's been a few days since I completed this manga so I kind of forgot what actually happened but you guys can read and find out more.
Sana, a child actress, is your bright girl who likes to help people in despair and all. Hayama, the school bully, is the opposite in that he's too gloomy and more or less expressionless. These two opposites attract nonetheless due to lots of events but the girl is too dense-_- giving the guy a big headache lol.
Well, if it was just your cute shoujo type of story, maybe I wouldn't be so in awe. But this story also had drama, the characters developed and all. I especially loved the character development here. The mangaka(author) did a wonderful job I felt. The story made me frustrated at times, made me sad, made me laugh, and made me embarassed in their place too. Their looks, their expressions were priceless hehe what more can I say. It didn't have as much action as I would have liked but it still was good.
If you just click on its title on my blog here, you'll actually be directed to the site itself immediately. I finally added this feature for the later part of my blogs. The first few ones don't have them. I'm too lazy:P Well, I hope you people can enjoy this one as much as I did.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bio-Meat Nectar (manga)

This series is totally different from those that I usually read. This has lots of blood, gore, horror, adventure and so on. There is some romance but not as much as I'd like. But despite all this, I actually enjoyed it.
A bio engineered animal that eats basically anything is produced to be later killed and given to humanity as food. But it gets loose in Tokyo and a killing spree starts. 4 kids survive the horror where it first starts and the story goes from there.
The story might not sound that interesting and even the art is not as luring as what I would have preferred. But somehow, I got compelled to read this. And now, I actually enjoyed myself. I was so hooked on it. I kept wanting to know, oh no, how are they going to survive this. I wonder what will happen now that it's over and all the little things like that.
New characters are also introduced later on. The story progresses to the future as well. As I kept reading further, I always had goosebumps at times where it got really interesting or my heart would beat really fast. It was great. The bond between the main characters was really admirable. I always felt happy when they were together. I'd totally recommend this series but it's not for the faint hearted. Remember, it has gore here, and of course adventure. It also has humor at times surprisingly. It is complete and you can find it online at onemanga and mangafox. Enjoy like I did!^_^

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Barairo My Honey

This one is one really sweeet manga. I liked it. The art is great, if you're like me that is. ehehe It's similar to Midnight Secretary. And the manga is not that long too; 13 chapters with 2 extras. Just nice.
Our guy is really hot (and cute:P) and our gal is misleading. hehe meaning that she looks sweet and innocent but has a strong heart. She's also very shrewd. grins. add to these, there's a cute tiger. Wonder what this is about?Read the manga hehehe
Well, this series has everything in it. good looks, romance, humor and a little bit of action though not much. It's nice to see our guy jealous hehe He's too robotic, always suppressing his emotions so seeing those little feelings on him is like wowww. hehe I read it long ago before, but I read it a second time too recently. Was too lazy to write about it and only doing so now since I'm in the mood. grins oh well, hope you enjoy this series. You can find it on onemanga by the way and it's complete and online for free.^_^

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dream Saga (manga)

I just finished reading this manga. It's more of a fantasy, adventure based fairy tale. If you're the type that don't really like cute shojo mangas, then maybe this might not really be your cup of tea though I personally enjoyed it myself. Initially, I just wanted to pass time but as it went on, it became even better.
It's kind of hard to summarise what the manga is about but I'll try. Our main protagonist is a girl who is able to go back and forth from the human world to the dream world. Basically, she needs to save both worlds with the help of five (I think) other friends who are able to go back and forth as well.
The art is average I guess, though I did like it. But the good thing is, not only does it have action, it also has comedy, romance and a fantasy feeling. Thus, it's a fantasy series. hehe And if you guys don't really like your manga to be really long, then this might be for you as well. It only has till 27 chapters or 5 volumes. You can find this manga online at mangafox. It's complete. Hope you all enjoy this.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Why Love (taiwanese drama)

I just finished watching this series. It's another one that stars Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone. I found the storyline ok, it was quite different from usual. I was quite surprised by how the story turned out near the end actually. It was really moving.
Basically, our female lead is a boring type of girl who has to endure hardships just to pay off a huge debt left behind by her late father. She has no life whatsoever. Thus, her best friend decides to help her out. And so, due to her friend's meddling, she becomes involved with the two rich brothers. And there our story starts.
I was initially wondering whether to watch this series or not but then, decided to try as I did like the leads. I was quite happy with it overall. Mike was a little different here than he was in devil beside you. Of course, both are different roles but sometimes, I saw a little of his devil looks hehe and Rainie also called him devil in this series. His character had more emotions here I felt. And he showed them nicely. Rainie was as usual really great. She looked cute too.^_^:P But I was wondering why she had nearly the same hairstyle here and also in devil beside you and campus shrewd. But oh well, I'm not one who looks at all that, so it doesn't really matter to me. Kingone was the serious one in the show and I really felt for his character. At times, I felt like rooting for him as well. So I'm quite surprised that in real life, he's actually quite a comic. And I found this out from the 'backstage episodes':P They show some parts after some episodes and those are the ones that I enjoyed the most. It's so hilarious and I'm lucky that they have it subbed in english hehehe If not, I wouldn't understand much of what was going on, though it would look funny.
Well you can find this in mysoju for sure. Maybe in youtube and veoh as well. Not too sure about crunchyroll though as those usually have more of japanese and korean shows only. And they're not titled so it's hard to know which is taiwanese and which is japanese and so on. Enjoy!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Devil Beside You (taiwanese drama)

After pondering for so long on whether to watch this series or not, (don't get me wrong, I'd already read the manga that's why) I finally decided to give it a go and I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed myself immensely and had a good laugh too.
Rainie Yang and Mike He play the main leads well. The female lead finally decides to confess to her crush, a basketball captain, but when she does it, she finds out she did it to another guy instead. And that's a really troublesome guy too. Of course, after some events they fall in love as usual but it's the process and all that captivates you. And there is a problem for them. It turns out that they're actually going to be siblings instead!!!-_-" Well, and so the story goes.
The story is quite unique in that it's not often, 'siblings' fall in love kind of situation is on. There was one with ken chu titled marmalade boy. I haven't watched that drama but finished the manga as well. Also, the leads as well as their friends were really cool and good to watch. What made it even more fun was after every episode, they usually showed the ngs(no good takes) and all. It was hilarious. It made the actors seem...'human'? lol normal I mean.
I notice that a lot of people find Mike handsome. Well he is of course, but at times, I find him alright I guess.(sorry:P) But he is a good actor. He seems to be able to let out his tears quite easily. This one I knew from another series that he's in, Why Why Love. Kingone is in it too, he's the basketball captain by the way and he did a great job as well. In fact, some of his scenes were quite comic too. hehe I'll tell you more about that next time. I'm watching it right now actually. kk You can find this one online as well but I watched this on youtube instead of mysoju cos I think downloading was quite long there I think. I forgot hehe Anyway enjoy!!!