Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Empress Chun Chu(The Iron Empress)(korean)

Loved this show. It's not complete yet actually but I'm always eagerly awaiting the updates for this one. Not many will like it of course. Since this is more of a historical drama and all. Of course, it has everything like betrayal, love, laughter and so on.
It's basically about our female lead's trials you could say. All the events that led to her being the empress and how she fought to achieve the dream of reclaiming their old land.
It doesn't sound impressive i know and truthfully, i wouldn't have watched it as well. But the lead drew me.
Chae Si Ra plays the empress and does it really convincingly too. I saw her before in 'Emperor of the Sea' where she was actually a cunning villain. She was fabulous there too. So when i saw her in this role, i couldn't recognise her at first as she looked totally different. I wanted to be sure if it was really her and lo and behold, it was her! The roles were different and so were the looks. The only thing that was similar was that both were strong women and they suited her to the core. hehe
Of course, kudos to the rest of the cast as well without whom the show wouldn't be what it is today. Our young empress was really good too. She is in Boys before Flowers too playing Jandi's best friend, Ga Eul.
What I especially like so far is the relationship between the mother and son. It's so touching but I guess it's partly because i'm a mother myself that I was able to empathise there. But the little boy is really good too. I've seen him in Boys before Flowers acting as Jandi's younger brother. Both the mother and son parts are really heart breaking to watch. And the empress's guard(i think) hehe he does a good job acting as a guard. He seems to like her but can't say anything because of status i'm guessing. And seems like there might be a triangle in the near future of the series.
Well my rambling is beginning to tire now, if you just want to watch it, or see who are the actors/actresses, click on the title. It will link you to mysoju, where there's the picture and the episodes. If anyone has seen this drama, feel free to post your views or comments here. It's much appreciated.