Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Waltz (k.drama)

Another drama that made tears well up at times for me, but in the end happy ever after^_^ It was such a sweet drama. Before i go onto my rants, here's what it's basically about.
Su ho's father, to escape debt, came to a remote island, where he had a friend with a daughter the same age as su ho, eun young. Su ho wanted to leave after he was abandoned by his father, but decided not to as he was touched by eun young's pure heart. You could say he fell in love too.^_^ But later on, his father stole money that was meant for eun young's operation and to get it back, eun young's mother went to seoul to look for him but got into a car accident. Unknowing su ho, with eun young tagging along, also went to seoul, but eun young later collapsed and had to have surgery. Su ho thus made a life changing decision and so the story goes. :P
The relationship between su ho and eun young is so sweet. It made me go aww you know. In fact, the relationship between the four main characters, su ho/jae ha, eun young, philip and lee na, is great. I mean, their roles really grow with the series and mature.
Su ho really loved eun young and it can be seen in his eyes. Personally, that's how i felt anyway. I was even amazed at how he was able to cry and laugh openly as his role was a cold guy and all. But he looked so sweet when he was open.
I especially loved the scenes between su ho and eun young, they're just so sweet and su ho is so much more open and unguarded. But at the same time, i love the time spent between eun young and philip too. It's so refreshing and philip just made me go aww with all his sweet gestures. He's so thoughtful of her and aware of her. Eun young seems to have fun with him too. If there was no su ho, i would have loved eun young and philip's pairing. They looked good together.
But not only are the actors/actresses really good, even the song suited the drama so well. I don't really know the title but i did hear one love and all. Sounded so sweet.
I don't really know the actors' names here but you can find it on mysoju of course. i do know daniel henney though hehe He was in "my lovely samsoon" too. well enjoy the series.