Monday, February 2, 2009

Bio-Meat Nectar (manga)

This series is totally different from those that I usually read. This has lots of blood, gore, horror, adventure and so on. There is some romance but not as much as I'd like. But despite all this, I actually enjoyed it.
A bio engineered animal that eats basically anything is produced to be later killed and given to humanity as food. But it gets loose in Tokyo and a killing spree starts. 4 kids survive the horror where it first starts and the story goes from there.
The story might not sound that interesting and even the art is not as luring as what I would have preferred. But somehow, I got compelled to read this. And now, I actually enjoyed myself. I was so hooked on it. I kept wanting to know, oh no, how are they going to survive this. I wonder what will happen now that it's over and all the little things like that.
New characters are also introduced later on. The story progresses to the future as well. As I kept reading further, I always had goosebumps at times where it got really interesting or my heart would beat really fast. It was great. The bond between the main characters was really admirable. I always felt happy when they were together. I'd totally recommend this series but it's not for the faint hearted. Remember, it has gore here, and of course adventure. It also has humor at times surprisingly. It is complete and you can find it online at onemanga and mangafox. Enjoy like I did!^_^