Friday, July 31, 2009

Gunparade March (anime)

hmm...quite a short anime, just 12 episodes to be exact. i watched this because there seemed to be some action and romance in it and also, the characters were quite good looking hehe
i guess the story's more about hayami, an indecisive boy, and mai shibamura, a quiet aloof girl. there are some actions when they're fighting those monsters and all, but basically, it deals with their feelings for each other more.
but one good thing that i like about this series is that, despite it being short and only based on feelings, feelings are quite realistic. also, there are some really sad moments and definitely lots of hilarious moments. that's what kept me going. it's a good thing that there wasn't more episodes cos frankly, i thought the story plot was not much, just simple. thus, it would have gotten boring. but it's just nice with 12 eps.
you can watch this on youtube, but if you're looking for jap dub with eng subs, i suggest tht you type: 'gpm 1' or whatever. well hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bones (english series)

I know this is not asian drama and all, but i just had to rave about it while i'm watching it right now. ehehe well i guess most of you know this series. ok i'm so laughing my sides out as i'm watching one of the episodes
but roughly summarizing, dr temperance brennan, 'bones', is a forensic anthropologist working at the jeffersonian institute. she is also able to read clues left behind in the victim's bones. FBI special agent seely booth, well, he's your normal fbi agent. the two become partners and solve crimes in their unique way and it's mostly about them and the crew at jeffersonian.
well this is a vague summary i know but i'm not really in the mood to write more, considering it's late in the middle of the night. but i will rave about it some, and if you think you might enjoy the series, go ahead.
what i really loved about this was the chemistry between the two main leads. their characteristics are just like most characters that i read in novels that i really enjoy and so, you can understand why i'm so in love with our two main leads. plus, it helps that they're really pleasing to the eye.
another good thing is the character development of not only them, but the other supporting characters like the jeffersonian crew, their personal lives and all. of course, there are 4 seasons for it to span out but it's worth it i feel. i heard that there's a 5th season on the way and that it'd be airing in US around september.
i love the humor that can be found in such a show as this; you see gore mostly, like dead, rotting bodies, skeletons, etc etc you know what i mean. but in spite of all this, humor is injected really cleverly and i find myself smiling and sometimes laughing out loud. it's not just the witty lines and all, it's the looks on their faces, it's priceless no matter whose face it is we're talking about.
that's the other best thing. the cast is wonderful. they acted out their roles really well. especially during season 4, which i've just finished watching. some characters really made my day. well i can go on and on but seems like i gotta stop here for now.
i hope that you guys will enjoy this as much as i did. i can't wait for all season 5 eps to be uploaded now since season 4 ending was such a cliffhanger. sheesh i was like, what??? how can it end like this? nooo and all. hehe well just click on the title to get to the page to see the episodes online.
oh and i also forgot to mention that they sound so cool and professional using all those scientific words hehe they say the words so easily, but i bet they didn't really know how to say them or what they really meant before they started the show i have practically watched all the episodes from all the seasons that the characters feel so close. hehehe

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Older animes i've been watching...

Laziness!!! If that was a disease, i'd have been dead ages ago. I hate to admit it but oh well, man am i lazy. And it's not just house work and all, it applies to writing too. I've watched like I don't know how many animes and dramas, read how many mangas, and yet, i felt too lazy to write about them. sheesh.
Even now, i am feeling really lazy so i guess this post will just be a short one eehehe hmm Dragonaut: the resonance - an anime that i watched, and it's the type that i am into, with action, romance (this is like a must for me, in mangas and animes) and humor all in one. i don't think many will like it as i have to admit, the plot or something was average. but the dragons were sure cute^_^
Turn A gundam(i think, or was it after war gundam???oh well, we can just google it or whatever) - suprisingly for quite an old anime, i actually enjoyed it, good mixture of action and romance as well as comedy. the fight scenes were pretty cool, in fact, i enjoyed this gundam lots.
Bokke-san - a manga that i enjoyed, it was short and sweet you could say, you can find this one on mangafox. there was action too, i had hoped that it could have been longer with the characters developing and all, but i'm quite ok with this too.
Well there are others that i watched as well, but i seem to have forgotten what they are. pathetic memory i have here BI oh well, enjoy urselves.