Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twilight (eng movie)

After so long, i've watched an english movie again online. there was all the hype on this movie and though i was interested in things like vampires and supernatural stuff, i didn't really feel like watching this movie then. but i suddenly got the urge to watch it yesterday. don't ask me why. i just felt like it and i did and i did not regret it.
this is more about the love story between edward, our hot vampire, and bella, our loner ordinary girl. bella has just moved to forks, and is intrigued by edward. due to some events, she finds out his secret but it's already too late for her as she's head over heels in love with him just as edward is for her. but their forbidden love is about to face trouble.
actually, personally, i enjoyed the feelings and intensity between the two leads. they portrayed the emotions really well. the supporting cast were really good too. the only thing was that the plot was not much. it was only concentrating on their feelings and the disapproval of families and all. the enemies were not many. but i guess, this is just because there are more sequels to come. and also, i enjoy having some action together with the romance.
but i did enjoy it even though the action was not as much as i would have liked. also, looking at the sequel, twilight;the new moon, there seems to be more action, a lot more than the prequel. but edward seems to take more of a back seat here giving the spotlight to jacob, our werewolf, bella's friend and one who has a crush on her. still it seems exciting.
this is a romantic movie with the cast acting really well especially our two leads. the romantic in me was like gushing when edward saw her. so sweet and cute hehehe anyway, too much rambling starting. you can find this on youtube, but i watched it on wiiki/viiki (forgot spelling) ehehe cos they have english subtitles there. it makes it so much easier to understand. it's all complete and online so enjoy people.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kotaro Makaritoru (manga)

This is one old manga that i'll never get tired of. seriously. it has everything that i could want for in a manga, maybe a little too much. action, humor, romance, great illustrations(albeit old fashioned) yum yum, the ingredients needed for mangas that i like.
Kotaro Shindo- your average perverted high school boy who lacks common sense and any inhibitions whatsoever. but there's just one thing. he's a fighting genius, a karate expert descended from a long line of ninjas. he's always getting into trouble with school officials and peeping at girls or trying to steal their panties especially Mayumi's, his childhood friend. he's protective of 3 things-his reallly long hair, his panty collection and Mayumi. This story is about his adventures.
There is some pervertness in this story, some ecchi, so some of you might be put off. but that's also what makes this story so original. the drawing, though not as good as the ones nowadays, but personally, i loved the drawings. i think it's considered good in earlier times when it just came out.
the story is quite comedic initially but as the series progresses, it gets serious. the only thing that i am not satisfied with is that it's not completeeee!!! i mean, the story has been finished by the mangaka if i'm not wrong. it's just that it hasn't been scanned online completely. same goes for its sequels, shin kotaro makaritoru and kotaro makaritoru l. i'm sooo hoping that it will get scanlated but seems like that will just remain a dream. well i read this on mangafox so you guys might wanna read it too if you have the time. i have repeated this i don't know how many times already now. that's how much i liked this manga. oh i'm just praying for some kind soul to complete the whole series. enjoy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Akaku Saku Koe (manga)

This is a manga where the art is just average in my opinion. I mean i've seen more handsome guys and pretty gals in manga. but still, this one did manage to keep up my interest. don't really know why though. hmm... maybe cos it has genres that i like such as mystery, romance, supernatural etc etc
A high school boy with such a beautiful voice, so beautiful that he can make anyone do anything just by saying something, that is Karashima. Due to this dangerous ability, he distances himself from everything. That is until he finds himself involved in criminal investigations which he can help solve and a girl named Kokubu who seems to be in love with him.
It's a short manga with only 14 chapters including 2 extras. but the feelings are quite deep. it was quite refreshing to see the girl chasing after the guy rather than vice versa. and it talks about the girl's feelings which i feel is so real. it also helps that this has action too. it wasn't like one of my favourites like 'from far away' but it helped to pass my time. ... did tht sound a little too harsh?? ehehe well this is complete on onemanga and mangafox so enjoy guys

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (hindi movie)

I don't think i'll get tired of this movie. I admit it's a little cliched but it happens. There could have been some improvements in some areas of acting but there were some moments which really rocked for me. It's a simple story but friendship rocks here.
This movie is about two best friends, Jai and Aditi, and their friendship. It shows how close they are and yet, not even an inkling of romantic feelings between them initially. And so, the story progresses. ^_^
I really liked Emran Khan's acting here. It was his first film i think, and he did well. It also helps that he's really good looking ehehe And Aditi, (sorry i forgot her name><") is natural with her role too. The role really suited her. There were times that I felt that she overdid a little but not much. I really enjoyed how close the two leads were. They acted so well being platonic friends that it looked natural. I watched this movie on youtube and they have really good quality there. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Finally Back from my Short Holiday

I know that there's no viewers literally hehe that's why i can write openly here. it's kind of like my journal now but mostly of what i watched and liked and so on. I couldn't come online while on holiday due to circumstances but am finally able to now. Although i'm not that active and always lazy, i will continue to write about what i've watched and so on when i feel like it. There are tons that i've watched before my holiday but just been too lazy to write about it. hehe
well hope i see this site sooon again ehehe