Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kurosagi (japanese drama)

Kurosaki is a young man whose family was destroyed by swindlers. Despite that, Kurosaki grows up to become a con artist known as Kurosagi. As Kurosagi, he swindles other con artists and returns the money to the original victim. He works with the master swindler Katsuragi Toshio even though Toshio had a hand in the destruction of Kurosaki’s family. Kurosaki's life begins to change when he meets Yoshikawa Tsurara, a young law student who disapproves of his disrespect of the law. Can she persuade Kurosaki to give up swindling and his quest for revenge?
hmmm...well recently you might have noticed i've been writing a lot on japanese drama. well actually the latest were all written on the same day cos right now, i'm in the mood. and i had completed those dramas recently too. well recently i've been in the mood for japanese dramas, drifting away from taiwanese dramas.
but anyway, there's also a manga for this with the same title. i've not read the manga as well as the art didn't really interest me but now, after watching the tv series, i might decide to give it a try after my mood for watching dramas go down.
this is the type of drama i enjoy, with some action and clever tricking hehehe there was good chemistry between the leads as well. frankly speaking i did not enjoy the movie as much. i had hoped fervently that it would be a sequel to the tv series but it was totally on its own although it's understandable since there is a time limit to movies so it's hard to cram everything in.
but the tv series was great. the story progressed gradually, although i wish there would be a next season although it seems unlikely. the ending felt incomplete for me but despite that, it is a good series. yamapi is cool here. you can find this on dramacrazy.

Buzzer Beat (japanese drama)

Kamiya Naoki is a young player from a professional basketball team. But due to his relatively smaller size and his tendency to crack under pressure, he is unable to show his true skills on the court. Meanwhile, Shirakawa Riko is a cheerful, strong-spirited music college graduate aiming to become a professional violinist. One day, Riko finds Naoki's lost cell phone on a bus, and their meeting begins a friendship that eventually turns into love. However, Naoki was already considering marriage with his current girlfriend. And it doesn't help matters that Naoki's coach has fallen in love at first sight with Riko!
i have seen this manga around for some time but was too lazy to read it. then i saw the drama, and ohh the guy and girl were good on my tired eyes, especially yamapi(yamashita tomohisa) this is a sports drama, well it focuses more on relationships i guess. but i didn't think i'd enjoy it so much. it's such a pure relationship and it not only focuses on them but their friends too. it helps tht it has a really nice and sweet ost, this drama is complete with english subs on dramacrazy enjoy!!!

Hero (japanese drama)

Kohei Kuryu is a former juvenile delinquent who drops out of junior high and goes on to earn a high school equivalency diploma. After passing the law board exams, Kuryu becomes a prosecutor. Not your typical prosecutor, which is quickly seen through the clothes that he wears, Kuryu possesses quick instincts and a kind of cleverness that only someone raised on the streets could have.
Maiko Amamiya is a shrewd public prosecutor who has her eyes set on passing the exam to become a deputy prosecutor and tries her best to be noticed by her boss. Kuryu, on the other hand, after earning a reputation for doing top-notch work, is transferred to Amamiya's division, and finally opens his eyes to the possibility of promotion. Unfortunately, his unprecedented work behavior abruptly brings things to a halt.
Although earning a reputation as a bad apple, the influence from Kuryu's strong pursuit of justice slowly begins to change things around him. This drama is filled with it all; love, laughs and lots of emotion.
this is one of those shows that has the perfect balance of everything. our leads have so much chemistry between them, the drama has everything, from mystery to legal stuff to comedy and romance. comedy is the best here. hehehehe this drama is complete on dramacrazy and as you all know, my recommendations always have english subs hehehe if not, how can i even understand. so enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silence (taiwanese drama)

Zhou Shen Shen loses her voice after a bus accident and gets taken to the hospital by her friend Zuo Jun(who blames himself for making her mute) there she meets Qi Wei Yi a boy who leg got broken by jealous peers. He finds a letter she had put in a bomb shelter wall. They leave each other letters and promise to come back in the Christmas of 2006. They become good friends and fall in love but Wei Yi is unaware that Shen Shen is mute. When he has to leave before her, He gives her his phone number and tells her to call him. Years pass and in the year of 2006 they met again but is unaware of who each other is until Wei Yi finds out he has liver cancer and is dying So he decides to go back to the hospital he went to as a child and he finds out that Shen Shen is his childhood love but not wanting to hurt her when he dies he hides his identity and eventually pushes her away.
i've just finished watching this series and my eyes are tear streaked. it's a good thing that i'm alone right now. this is an amazing drama, where the cast were simply wonderful. they acted so well that it made us pissed off at them, or made us shy when watching them or stupidly happy like them. and it's not just one or two who made me feel this way. everyone did, from the mother to the secretary to the kids.
this is a really sweet drama and both vic and park eun hye were wonderful. i think they had good chemistry. park eun hye managed to portray the emotions really well despite not saying anything. i bet she must have really practised on the sign language. vic was really good as well. i'm not going to spoil the whole thing but i do warn that hankies might be needed especially for those who really get into the mood. it can be a tearjerker at times. even i, one who's quite cold hearted you could say, was really touched and moved to tears.
you can find the complete series with english subtitles on veoh and tw.sugoitw.com this is definitely a recommendation. enjoy!!!