Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Spy (k.drama)

Nooo, i want a sequel!!! i want the second part if there is one, if there isn't, then pleaseee producers make one. you can't end it like this >o<
Lee Sun Ae (nam sang mi) is a widowed police officer who finds herself entangled in something deep and messy after meeting rich, young Han Yoo Il (dennis oh). Kang Jun (lee joo hyun) is her late husband's junior who is now her superior at the police station. He reopens an old case that involves Sun Ae's past, leading him to an entanglement between current political/economical powers and secrets and one of them oddly enough is Yoo Il. Add to that, a love triangle starts to develop among the three. Who exactly is Yoo Il?
Frankly, i really loved this show. It was somewhat different from what i had seen so far and its genre is one of my fav. action romance!!! with thriller, what can be better. add to that, great hunks and beautiful babes:P
Well, there was suspense and the developing romance between yoo il and sun ae made me swoon. he's such a sweet and cute character. kang jun was funny haha, cool and macho type lol and sun ae, great job doing such a thick skinned yet spunky role lol
But like i said earlier, i definitely want a sequel cos there are many questions unanswered i feel. so many things unsolved and THIS IS A SPOILER!!! Yoo il dies, well he might be alive though. hehe