Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi/Love of my Life/Just One Love(j.drama)

"I'm always looking for things when I'm with you." haha Loved this drama. First love or our love when we're young, it's mainly about this. A sweet, touching and pure love story.

This is a love story between hiroto (kamenashi kazuya) and nao (ayase haruka), who are both from different backgrounds, different status. Hiroto works hard everyday for the survival of the factory that his father left him and also for his mother and younger brother, who is of weak health. Due to this, he's forgotten how to smile. Nao is the daughter of a popular jewellery shop owner who's very rich. She's well loved and is so innocent that she says what comes to her mind. From the moment hiroto meets her, he slowly starts opening up to her, though he's still quiet hehe Their 3 close friends also play important roles in their developing romance. But of course, every relationship has its troubles and they are no different.

It's said that the script writer for this, erika kitagawa, is also known as the goddess of love stories. And i have to agree that this story was really well written. i especially loved the love between the main leads, there were really such sweet moments. And despite being young, they talked seriously about serious topics too. I don't see that much in many dramas you could say, or rather the way they talk anyway. And it's all quite realistic in a way too, the problems that they encounter i mean. It's so sad at times too, and the song goes really well.

The chemistry between the two main leads was good. Their roles suited each other here and they looked good, though i wished that hiroto could have shown a bit more expression at times. but i'm still fine with it. The innocent young love is shown really well in this series. The characters all acted so well, made me feel emotions that they were feeling at the same time too. of course, not like them but i felt for them you could say hehe yea i know i'm ranting.

Well anyway, this series is complete online, you can find it on veoh and youtube too, though the latter doesn't have english subtitles i think. and the video is much clearer on veoh. hope you guys enjoy this one as much as i did.