Monday, January 5, 2009

Devil Beside You (taiwanese drama)

After pondering for so long on whether to watch this series or not, (don't get me wrong, I'd already read the manga that's why) I finally decided to give it a go and I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed myself immensely and had a good laugh too.
Rainie Yang and Mike He play the main leads well. The female lead finally decides to confess to her crush, a basketball captain, but when she does it, she finds out she did it to another guy instead. And that's a really troublesome guy too. Of course, after some events they fall in love as usual but it's the process and all that captivates you. And there is a problem for them. It turns out that they're actually going to be siblings instead!!!-_-" Well, and so the story goes.
The story is quite unique in that it's not often, 'siblings' fall in love kind of situation is on. There was one with ken chu titled marmalade boy. I haven't watched that drama but finished the manga as well. Also, the leads as well as their friends were really cool and good to watch. What made it even more fun was after every episode, they usually showed the ngs(no good takes) and all. It was hilarious. It made the actors seem...'human'? lol normal I mean.
I notice that a lot of people find Mike handsome. Well he is of course, but at times, I find him alright I guess.(sorry:P) But he is a good actor. He seems to be able to let out his tears quite easily. This one I knew from another series that he's in, Why Why Love. Kingone is in it too, he's the basketball captain by the way and he did a great job as well. In fact, some of his scenes were quite comic too. hehe I'll tell you more about that next time. I'm watching it right now actually. kk You can find this one online as well but I watched this on youtube instead of mysoju cos I think downloading was quite long there I think. I forgot hehe Anyway enjoy!!!