Thursday, January 29, 2009

Barairo My Honey

This one is one really sweeet manga. I liked it. The art is great, if you're like me that is. ehehe It's similar to Midnight Secretary. And the manga is not that long too; 13 chapters with 2 extras. Just nice.
Our guy is really hot (and cute:P) and our gal is misleading. hehe meaning that she looks sweet and innocent but has a strong heart. She's also very shrewd. grins. add to these, there's a cute tiger. Wonder what this is about?Read the manga hehehe
Well, this series has everything in it. good looks, romance, humor and a little bit of action though not much. It's nice to see our guy jealous hehe He's too robotic, always suppressing his emotions so seeing those little feelings on him is like wowww. hehe I read it long ago before, but I read it a second time too recently. Was too lazy to write about it and only doing so now since I'm in the mood. grins oh well, hope you enjoy this series. You can find it on onemanga by the way and it's complete and online for free.^_^