Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese Paladin 2005 (chinese)

Another period like fantasy drama that not many may like I think. But who cares, I enjoyed it though the ending suckeeeeed for me >_< The summary described it perfectly in one sentence. 'It starts off sweet and light hearted but ends with plenty of tears.' sigh Well, it wasn't really that bad but it's tragic and I totally don't like sad endings. I'm one of those who go for happy ever after though in reality, that's not always the case.
Well another show starring hu ge, and this time there's crystal liu. She starred in return of condor heroes 2006(roch) version also. She did a good job there and on this one as well. When I first saw her role in this series, it took me aback truthfully. Cos in ROCH, she was the quiet and heck care type but for this, she was initially shown as really cheerful and outgoing and i was like whoa, this is totally different. You could say her xiao long nu character was stuck in my head.
This show on a popular rpg game of the same name. So you can expect lots of special effects. Many might not like it cos it looks fake, and i'm admitting this as well, but if you heck care on that, then you'll enjoy this because for me, like i said, it has character growth or rather development. And there's so much drama that it made me pull my hair out. I was like, man please when are those two gonna get back together. When they seem like they're back tog, something happens. sigh And in the end, you can more or less guess how they ended up from my earlier rants. -_-
But I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I had no idea of the ending of course so was enjoying myself until I began to get a bad feeling for the end but no matter, it was an enjoyable show. And now, they seem to be having a new release, chinese paladin 3 actually. not sure if there's a 2 or not, too lazy to check. But this one is set 50 years before chinese paladin. hu ge is starring but his co star is different, I forgot her name but she was guo xiang in ROCH 2006. So you should know who she is. Those of you who watch i mean hehe. well enjoy all.