Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Older animes i've been watching...

Laziness!!! If that was a disease, i'd have been dead ages ago. I hate to admit it but oh well, man am i lazy. And it's not just house work and all, it applies to writing too. I've watched like I don't know how many animes and dramas, read how many mangas, and yet, i felt too lazy to write about them. sheesh.
Even now, i am feeling really lazy so i guess this post will just be a short one eehehe hmm Dragonaut: the resonance - an anime that i watched, and it's the type that i am into, with action, romance (this is like a must for me, in mangas and animes) and humor all in one. i don't think many will like it as i have to admit, the plot or something was average. but the dragons were sure cute^_^
Turn A gundam(i think, or was it after war gundam???oh well, we can just google it or whatever) - suprisingly for quite an old anime, i actually enjoyed it, good mixture of action and romance as well as comedy. the fight scenes were pretty cool, in fact, i enjoyed this gundam lots.
Bokke-san - a manga that i enjoyed, it was short and sweet you could say, you can find this one on mangafox. there was action too, i had hoped that it could have been longer with the characters developing and all, but i'm quite ok with this too.
Well there are others that i watched as well, but i seem to have forgotten what they are. pathetic memory i have here BI oh well, enjoy urselves.