Thursday, April 2, 2009

Summer x Summer

I watched this show but skipped some episodes as well cos i got bored around the middle. But overall, i did enjoy watching it. It brought me laughter and there were some touching moments as well. I watched this quite long ago so i've forgotten some parts of it or rather many hehe.
Tons of unfortunate events happen to our heroine because of one dollar. She is saved by an angel who gives her a dollar but that angel is actually a devil in disguise. Our devil is very spoiled until our unfortunate heroine practically changes his life. He starts to be interested in her but they're polar opposites.
I watched this when i had nothing else to watch and though i skipped some, i'm still glad i watched this. Joe Cheng was really cute especially when he pouted or sulked. He did that wonderfully hehe But there were times I felt, that maybe he could have been better, as he felt stiff at times. But that was his role i guess. Cai Yi Zhen was another reason why i watched this show. I love her laughter, it's really contagious, to me anyway :P She did well with her role too, being infatuated with the hero. And playing a bubbly innocent girl is not easy i feel. We might overact sometimes, and personally, laughing and smiling so much feels like a chore to me. heeh
Well anyway, fans of Joe and Yi Zhen might want to watch this one. It's an idol drama, complete and online on mysoju. and on other sites as well but mysoju is easy to navigate for me.