Friday, July 31, 2009

Gunparade March (anime)

hmm...quite a short anime, just 12 episodes to be exact. i watched this because there seemed to be some action and romance in it and also, the characters were quite good looking hehe
i guess the story's more about hayami, an indecisive boy, and mai shibamura, a quiet aloof girl. there are some actions when they're fighting those monsters and all, but basically, it deals with their feelings for each other more.
but one good thing that i like about this series is that, despite it being short and only based on feelings, feelings are quite realistic. also, there are some really sad moments and definitely lots of hilarious moments. that's what kept me going. it's a good thing that there wasn't more episodes cos frankly, i thought the story plot was not much, just simple. thus, it would have gotten boring. but it's just nice with 12 eps.
you can watch this on youtube, but if you're looking for jap dub with eng subs, i suggest tht you type: 'gpm 1' or whatever. well hope you enjoy.