Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Queen: Completed!!!

Finally this series is completed. How long I waited. The past few days, the last episode was completed only halfway since viikii had some problems so i was stuck watching halfway, wanting for the end, although it was my fault that i watched it knowing it wasn't complete yet.
I mentioned about this drama earlier on, so now, i'm just gonna be posting my personal views that's all.
The last few episodes took me by surprise. I was wondering how they were gonna end the show and i have to say that they really did a twist or at least it was for me. and it was so mushy towards the end. hehe sweet stuff, really touching. but i would have loved to see a maybe...preggy shan wu shuang??? grins jus my opinion:P
But well, finally it's complete. so you guys can see it on mysoju though i heard that there were some problems with the site as well. i don't know what but read from another blog. but anyway, it is fine for me so far. enjoy ppl.