Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dream Saga (manga)

I just finished reading this manga. It's more of a fantasy, adventure based fairy tale. If you're the type that don't really like cute shojo mangas, then maybe this might not really be your cup of tea though I personally enjoyed it myself. Initially, I just wanted to pass time but as it went on, it became even better.
It's kind of hard to summarise what the manga is about but I'll try. Our main protagonist is a girl who is able to go back and forth from the human world to the dream world. Basically, she needs to save both worlds with the help of five (I think) other friends who are able to go back and forth as well.
The art is average I guess, though I did like it. But the good thing is, not only does it have action, it also has comedy, romance and a fantasy feeling. Thus, it's a fantasy series. hehe And if you guys don't really like your manga to be really long, then this might be for you as well. It only has till 27 chapters or 5 volumes. You can find this manga online at mangafox. It's complete. Hope you all enjoy this.