Monday, September 21, 2009

Cutie Boy (manhwa)

Another manhwa that i surprisingly finished reading quite fast. it was enjoyable while it lasted hehe
han ah used to be bullied in elementary school for have a wide and flat butt. she hated that boy ever since. now in high school, she's the legendary captain of il hwa girls' high school and looking for a pretty boyfriend. she meets the mellow and seemingly perfect yoo min, and there their story starts.
from the forums, it seems not many are as fond of this manhwa but for me, i don't know why, but i enjoyed it. mostly, there is comic relief here. the art is quite good too. our main leads are really dumb though, or to put it nicely, too naive and innocent at times, especially yoo min. but that is the fun of this manga. hehe i didn't think his dumbness didn't go overboard personally. his friends' reactions were a joy to watch too and it was really suspenseful at times too. near the end especially. i thought one thing, but it turned out the other.
overall, this manhwa has action definitely, romance and loads of humor. it's definitely an enjoyable read if you want to while away your time. it's on mangfox and complete so enjoy.