Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inuyasha (manga)

Well, i'm sure many of you have definitely heard of this one. And the good news is that it's finally finished. ^_^ I mean the whole volume comic or whatever, it is done, complete. You should be able to find it at mangafox. It's all online so you don't have to worry about downloading. I'm not sure if onemanga has uploaded it but you can check them out. After so long, it's finally finished.
It was a good read though in the later parts, maybe the art somehow changed a little, i don't know. You can even find it in anime as i'm sure most of you know. You can find it in youtube confirmed, veoh should have it as well though not sure about crunchyroll. It's been long since i went there. i just went there recently to check out a movie which i did find^^. Anyway, hope you all enjoy yourselves.