Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secret (korean drama)

A rich "bad boy" falls in love with an innocent but tenacious woman who went to prison for her boyfriend's 'hit and run' murder. As story unfolds, secrets began to reveal.

when looking at reviews for this drama, I didn't see many good reviews. only a few. but still, despite what others said, I had always been attracted to the lead actors and actresses and as I was also in the mood for something melo, I decided to watch it.

well, truthfully, yes, I had to forward quite a bit of the first 2 eps cos it was a little boring for me. I mean despite forwarding them, I didn't really miss out on the story. but as the drama went on, my forwarding became slow and I started to give it my full concentration and by the end, I was sighing over the end of another good show.

the cast was fabulous for me, everyone had their own special characteristics. some might disagree with me on this, but to each his/her own. people might say that hwang jung eum's role was too goody shows and candy type and all, but for me, I felt that there still were people like that in the world, although rare. min hyuk was a joy for me to watch with his heart on his sleeves. ahn do hoon's thought was so complicated and yet so simple at the same time. the actor portrayed him so well, you felt angry at him and yet at the same, sympathised with him too. shin se yon made me want to hate her, but the little vulnerabilities shown in front of do hoon, or when minhyuk said or did something, made me feel sympathy for her as well. kudos to the actress. (she's the other actress in I hear your voice, by the way) the most memorable scene for me on the show was when yoo jeong(hwang jung eum) found out her son was alive and the event around that arc. it was such wonderful acting there, had to catch hold of my breath a few times. sigh

all in all, this was a wonderful watch for me, although I hav to admit, I was mentally stressed as well watching this drama. so much happening to everyone, putting myself in their shoes wore me out. I watched this on gooddrama although you can find it on epdrama as well. enjoy!!!