Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Why Love (taiwanese drama)

I just finished watching this series. It's another one that stars Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone. I found the storyline ok, it was quite different from usual. I was quite surprised by how the story turned out near the end actually. It was really moving.
Basically, our female lead is a boring type of girl who has to endure hardships just to pay off a huge debt left behind by her late father. She has no life whatsoever. Thus, her best friend decides to help her out. And so, due to her friend's meddling, she becomes involved with the two rich brothers. And there our story starts.
I was initially wondering whether to watch this series or not but then, decided to try as I did like the leads. I was quite happy with it overall. Mike was a little different here than he was in devil beside you. Of course, both are different roles but sometimes, I saw a little of his devil looks hehe and Rainie also called him devil in this series. His character had more emotions here I felt. And he showed them nicely. Rainie was as usual really great. She looked cute too.^_^:P But I was wondering why she had nearly the same hairstyle here and also in devil beside you and campus shrewd. But oh well, I'm not one who looks at all that, so it doesn't really matter to me. Kingone was the serious one in the show and I really felt for his character. At times, I felt like rooting for him as well. So I'm quite surprised that in real life, he's actually quite a comic. And I found this out from the 'backstage episodes':P They show some parts after some episodes and those are the ones that I enjoyed the most. It's so hilarious and I'm lucky that they have it subbed in english hehehe If not, I wouldn't understand much of what was going on, though it would look funny.
Well you can find this in mysoju for sure. Maybe in youtube and veoh as well. Not too sure about crunchyroll though as those usually have more of japanese and korean shows only. And they're not titled so it's hard to know which is taiwanese and which is japanese and so on. Enjoy!!!