Sunday, April 12, 2009

Legend of Condor Heroes 2008

I can't find this show fully subbed yet in english since it's only recently been aired. But I still completed watching the show, even though it was totally in chinese and i didn't understand much hehe
Most of you should have known the story by now but there are actually some minor differences between the original and this one. And I gotta admit i do like the changes. I especially the casting of the characters. Everyone did a fabulous job, some could have done it better of course, but overall, i enjoyed it very much. The chemistry between the two main leads is so good. The romance between them is so pure. huang rong is so cute and mischievous while guo jing is just too...innocent.^_^"
Ariel who is acting as huang rong did a great job i felt. It's a pity that her voice was dubbed as it was said her accent didn't really fit the people of those times or something. But even the dub was good. If i hadn't read somewhere that it was a dub, i would have gone on thinking that it was her own voice. hehe She did especially the small gestures like the eyes or hands, tilting of her head, really well. loved them.
Hu ge did a good job playing guo jing. I'm amazed how the role suited him so well.0_0" But there were times where i felt that he had a little too much make up or something>_< he looked so fair, his lips red or pinkish. but his acting was good.
Yang Kang and Nian ci were good too. I felt the latter could be better but it was good since her role was quite a quiet and a little introverted. The four great elders were really cool hehe Great acting from them too.
Well you can find all the episodes for this series on veoh but it's not subbed. It's in chinese. You can find subbed versions till ep 9 on mysoju and dramaclick. otherwise it's not been updated elsewhere from what i know. Let me know how you feel about this drama. I saw a blog where the review of this was really detailed and good but i forgot where it is now. ehehe