Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Princess Man (korean drama)

A tragic love story between the daughter of Prince Suyang and grandson of Kim Jong Seo. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality. Princess Seryeong, a daughter of King Sejo, aka prince Sooyang, is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality. They fall in love instantly but later they find out that their parents are sworn enemies.
Recently, I've been into historical period dramas, although of course more for the personal stories it has rather than the political happenings. ehhehe I only started watching this recently because i dislike having tragedies usually, i don't like crying. but despite that, i decided to watch it because it seemed to have a good romance story and a lot of action. and i'm glad that i decided to go for it cos i enjoyed it tremendously.
All the characters really got to me, the villainous and yet fatherly, suyang, the pitiful shin myeong, the cheerful jong, the proud princess gyung hye, the mischievous and later vengeful seung yu, the strong and kind se ryung, their maids, friends and everyone. the chemistry was amazing between the leads and even the supporting casts.
i teared up some parts, i swooned at some parts, i cussed at some parts but in the end, the drama kept me wanting for more and i was fully satisfied with how it ended although of course, there were some who were not satisfied.
this is the first show of the male lead that i'm watching and although at first, he was ok for me, he really grew on me. it's not everyone who can show their feelings well but he did it so well just through their eyes.
but i'm the type who just enjoys a drama while watching and don't think of any other things or think too deeply. it's just a drama anyway. but oh how wonderful this one was. my hunger for historical romance periods hasn't waned yet so i'll be watching some more and there are many on my list to watch.
this is a definite recommend from me, you can find it complete on youtube, although there are some parts that are missing or doesn't work. then you can just google the episodes, there are many links out there, one is dramacrazy, i view on their wat link. enjoy!!!
below are two of my favourite osts for the show. love it. enjoy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blind (korean movie)

A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be related. Detectives look for a witness.
Into the police office walks Min Soo-Ah (Kim Ha-Neul). She used to be a promising cadet at the police academy, but after a horrific car accident which killed her brother, Soo-Ah's police career ended. Min Soo-Ah also lost her eyesight in the car accident. Min Soo-Ah reveals to Detective Jo (Jo Hie-Bong) at the police station that on the night of the hit and run case she was picked up by a taxi cab driver. Soo-Ah believes the taxi driver may be the perpetrator of the crimes. Initially, Detective Jo doesn't take Soo-Ah's claims seriously because she is blind, but when Soo-Ah displays her acute senses the detective starts to believe her.
Detective Jo and Min Soo-Ah then work together to find the taxi cab driver, but all their leads turn up empty. Then another witness comes forward Kwon Ki-Sub (Yoo Seung-Ho). Kwon Ki-Sub is a motorcycle delivery boy who claims to have also witness the hit and run incident. Kwon Ki-Sub also emphatically states that the car in question was not a taxi cab, but rather an imported sedan.
Meanwhile, Min Soo-Ah finds herself being stalked by a mysterious man ...

AMAZING!!! this movie was simply amazing with a capital OMG! man this movie really gripped me from the beginning, god, it made me tear up, and it was so intense my heart was literally bursting apart as if i had been running the 100m dash.
it was so tragic at some moments and touching at others, i could feel guilt, fear, sadness and all the emotions brought out by the cast who were wonderful. the scenes were unexpected at times making me go, what? he did tht seriously???
i will definitely recommend this movie that will definitely stir your heart. our blind lady, our rebellious boy, and our detective who always seems to get the flop jobs, hehehe this is definitely a good watch. i watched it all on epdrama, complete with english subtitles.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor (korean drama)

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still lives as a righteous prosecutor .
Tae Yeon also uses his new founded abilities as a Vampire to prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law. A mysterious case then occurs and the evidence points to a Vampire as the perpetrator. Tae Yeon now knows that he is not the only Vampire. He also ponders why he became a Vampire and what truths may lie behind their motives.
well as usual, initially, i was a little skeptical of this drama as we don't see much paranormal asian dramas. i thought it'd kind of get cheesy but oh no, i was proven wrong time and again as i kept watching and watching and watching.
this was actually put together so well, all the story coming back to a circle and being linked, it surprised me when i found out about it. of course, there were plots that were predictable but there were also twists that kept surprising me.
the cast was amazing, their team was amazing and the ending was amazing! what more can i say? the camaraderie between our prosecutor and his teddy-like police friend hehehe, the dancing around between our leads, the villains themselves and even the murder plots, they were fantastic.
now i totally can't wait for season 2. hellow heaven!!!
here's hoping this will be even better, comes out faster so that all us vamp junkies can get addicted even more!!!
...ok well, this is all complete and online on youtube with english subs. you can also find it on dramacrazy. and if the links don't work, my advice is to google each and every episode and go for the link that will work cos that's what i do. best of luck:D and enjoy!