Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Pound Gospel (j.drama)

I had seen Kamenashi Kazuya in other serials before but the only thing that was stuck in my head about him was his unique features you could say. I thought his acting was ok then. So when I watched this series, I was quite surprised to see him doing this type of role and by this i mean a hyperactive kinda guy. He looks as if sullen roles suit him better or something i guess. hehe just a biased opinion of mine, please don't kill me guys>_< In this drama, hatanaka is a skilled boxer but because of his inability to control his appetite, he faces a string of defeats as it always puts him in a heavier weight class. One day, he collapses due to working out excessively and is found by a naive nun, sister angela. He immediately finds himself interested in her and pursues her.

This is actually quite a light hearted series so if you're looking for some laughs, then this is quite a good one. Rather than boxing, it's mainly hatanaka chasing after sister angela. hehehe hatanaka is quite a hyper character and a cute type i guess so i bet it must have been tough to act like that for so long. some more, he shouted a lot in the drama hehe so the actor's voice must have been hoarse. our sister angela is innocent but that doesn't mean that she's stupid or anything. she's got a mind of her own hehe and i felt that the two actors suited their roles quite well. There were some cute moments of both the characters that made me go 'ow cuteee'
Even the supporting characters were really good. His boxer friends as well as the chairman and the trainer, and also nori chan, she's working at the same part time job as hatanaka and has a crush on him. she made some scenes really good too hehehe i still laugh when i recall them.
Of course, i would have to say that the story plot is not much but since this drama is a comedy and quite light hearted, in fact, it's similar to lots of shoujo mangas that i read, i'm fine with the show. It's so endearing how hatanaka likes sister angela so much that all his expressions change at the mention of her name lol And i'm quite satisfied with the ending too. Well anyway, i personally enjoyed this series very much so if you want to just lighten up your heart, then you might try out this one.