Friday, September 10, 2010

Personal Taste/Preference (korean drama)Finished!

well after putting in long hours, the show is finally complete and there's a little sadness in me that the show is over. this did not bore me as most korean dramas do, as most korean dramas tend to have too much...drama i guess and that's a little too much for my heart hehehe it's been a long time since i've felt this way about a show; where i would want to watch it immediately after i open up my internet. and i was not disappointed for sure. jin ho(male lead) was so sweet, sweeter than chocolate. and he's so in love with kae in(female lead). and i especially love it when the guy is crazy about the girl. hehehe he did everything for her sighhh ^_^
there were some really funny moments, especially with some bloopers in some episodes. i just wish they had bloopers at the end of every episode. oh well. at the same time, there were serious and aww moments too and near the end, i even had a little tear jerker moment personally for a while. my heart ached basically. the emotions the cast were able to dredge up in me, man they did a fantastic job.
i watched this on youtube, so i read some of the comments too and really, there were so many nasty comments at some characters; not the real ones of course, just the roles they were doing. it just shows how well they were able to portray them. i don't think you'll be disappointed with this show and also, the eye candy also helps:P both for the males and females hehe well hope you enjoy the show like i did.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personal Taste/Preference (korean drama)

I decided to watch this show when i first saw the trailers on tv, and it looked funny. and recently, i had been in the mood for some comedy and romance. and now, i'm halfway through the show and so far, i haven't been disappointed yet. it's still keeping my interest.
kae in is very trusting even though she keeps getting betrayed. jin ho is a stickler for cleanliness but he also has a talent for figuring out women's feelings. so he pretends to be gay in order to rent a room in her house for his work which was built by a famous architect who is kae in's father. how will kae in react when she finds out her room mate is not gay at all and has instead, fallen in love with her.
initially, i had thought this show to be comedy and romance all the way but halfway through, where i am right now, it seems to get a more serious note while being entertaining at the same time. there is a twist that i wasn't expecting at all and i'm sure if you watch this, you'd be surprised too. i like the serious twist as it somehow tackles one of the problems that some people face everyday. of course, the comedy is a plus. i'm enjoying the chemistry between the two characters and all the cast seem to be doing very well, as i am actually able to really dislike some characters and yet, not really hate them too. you might want to give this a try, i'm sure you will enjoy it.
i watched this on youtube as mysoju gave me some problems for a while, well more my computer's fault i think. it's also complete and online, hope you enjoy.

Hi My Sweetheart (taiwanese drama)

i thought i had written about this series but when i came in to check if there were any posts to be edited, it seemed that i hadn't done any on this one. it's been quite long since i last watched this series.
xue hai was an innocent when he first arrived in hangzhou. he fell in love when his schoolmate bao zhu saved him from bullying. but due to a misunderstanding, they lost contact with each other. thinking that she dumped him, he transformed himself into a hunk and became a playboy who didn't believe in love anymore.
well, i remember being really amused by this show. also, at the same time, i felt irritated because of the many misunderstandings between our leads sigh and how long it took for them to get back together again. but i did complete the show. it's really funny and definitely will make you go aww at many parts. i also felt really sad for the guy who had a thing for baozhu for so long. well it was entertaining for me, hope it is for you too.