Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kodocha (manga)

I loved it! What more can I say? It might not be for many of you because the art is a little on the cutesy side and all, but it had everything that I liked and disliked you could say. Well, it's been a few days since I completed this manga so I kind of forgot what actually happened but you guys can read and find out more.
Sana, a child actress, is your bright girl who likes to help people in despair and all. Hayama, the school bully, is the opposite in that he's too gloomy and more or less expressionless. These two opposites attract nonetheless due to lots of events but the girl is too dense-_- giving the guy a big headache lol.
Well, if it was just your cute shoujo type of story, maybe I wouldn't be so in awe. But this story also had drama, the characters developed and all. I especially loved the character development here. The mangaka(author) did a wonderful job I felt. The story made me frustrated at times, made me sad, made me laugh, and made me embarassed in their place too. Their looks, their expressions were priceless hehe what more can I say. It didn't have as much action as I would have liked but it still was good.
If you just click on its title on my blog here, you'll actually be directed to the site itself immediately. I finally added this feature for the later part of my blogs. The first few ones don't have them. I'm too lazy:P Well, I hope you people can enjoy this one as much as I did.