Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crime Squad (korean drama)

This drama focuses on a group of detectives in the Seoul Gangnam Police Homicide Division who solve crimes based on real life cases with their variety of skills and investigative methods. At the forefront of the team is the impulsive and hotheaded detective Park Se Hyuk and the cold, commanding police chief, Jung Il Do. Park Se Hyuk?s passion for his work and rough personality results in a tendency to take action first before thinking later, in contrast with Jung Il Do?s by-the-book style
this action crime drama has it all. from action to comedy to hints of romance, everything. the characters are well brought out, song il kook was wonderful as park se hyuk, the detective and grieving father, song ji hyo was fabulous as the chirpy outgoing reporter, in contrast to se hyuk's dark and angsty role. kudos to the rest of the cast who did this drama proud with realistic and amazing acting skills. everyone was good, from the villains to the heroes. there were some really sad moments and some moments that made us look back and wonder as well. loved the ending.
this is a drama definitely worth watching. i watched most of the episodes on gooddrama. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Running Man (korean variety show)

This is a unique show with lots of ├íction and humor'. It's so hilarious while giving you goosebumps at the same time. hehehe Love the cast and now, after 2 years since they first started, they're all veterans already and very experienced hehehe it's amazing how they manage to solve missions at times while we're wracking our brains :D
All in all, a high recommendation from me if you want laughter, fun, excitement and a chance to see celebrity guests everytime. You can find all the eps on epdrama but unfortunately it's not complete as it's still airing. Here are some hilarious clips, Enjoy!!!