Monday, May 25, 2009

Special A - hikari and kei

ok so i finally finished making this video^_^ i had already finished the manga ages ago though, was just waiting to upload these at the same time. i recommend reading the manga too, it's hilarious. the pictures here are mainly from anime and from my contacts on multiply, who uploaded the pictures there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tell me you love me (k.drama)

I would have really loved this if there wasn't too much sad stuff happening.
2 childhood friends who have grown up together since they were little share everything, even their dream, so to make that come true, both of them enter the same film company. And then, there's Ina, a successful owner and president of the film company. She also has Hee Soo beside her though they're not madly in love and lead their own private lives. When she sees the 2 childhood friends, she begins to feel jealous as she did not really have that experience. And now, she's feeling at loss so she tells Hee Soo, "Take Young Chae away from Byung Soo".
This story was a little different in the sense that Byung Soo was different from the characters i had seen so far. of course, there were his type of characters in mangas and all but in a series, this is a first, unless i forgot that is. :P
He is naive, veering to the point of nearly dumb i would say, but that is what makes me endearing too. He is so devoted to Young Chae, now she is the one with spunk and one who controls the bulk of their relationship. and yet at the same time, she understands him so well. Their chemistry is so good, and i really enjoyed every part of their happy scenes that they had which unfortunately was not much.
The things that they had to endure made me so tired, not tired of watching mind you, but tired as i felt like i was in their shoes. Man, if in real life, i had to go through that, i wonder if i would have been able to cope hmm...
But you know, the world is so vast, i think there are actually people who've had similar experiences. Not the same of course, but maybe similar in some sense. Oh well, but overall, this is still a nice show. I really felt for Byung Soo but at times, i wished that he'd grow more spunk and be more selfish too ehehe anyway enjoy watching this, you'll love the relationship between Byung Soo and Young Chae for sure if you're like me. And Young Chae's father really made my sides stitch in the beginning part of the show. lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Spy (k.drama)

Nooo, i want a sequel!!! i want the second part if there is one, if there isn't, then pleaseee producers make one. you can't end it like this >o<
Lee Sun Ae (nam sang mi) is a widowed police officer who finds herself entangled in something deep and messy after meeting rich, young Han Yoo Il (dennis oh). Kang Jun (lee joo hyun) is her late husband's junior who is now her superior at the police station. He reopens an old case that involves Sun Ae's past, leading him to an entanglement between current political/economical powers and secrets and one of them oddly enough is Yoo Il. Add to that, a love triangle starts to develop among the three. Who exactly is Yoo Il?
Frankly, i really loved this show. It was somewhat different from what i had seen so far and its genre is one of my fav. action romance!!! with thriller, what can be better. add to that, great hunks and beautiful babes:P
Well, there was suspense and the developing romance between yoo il and sun ae made me swoon. he's such a sweet and cute character. kang jun was funny haha, cool and macho type lol and sun ae, great job doing such a thick skinned yet spunky role lol
But like i said earlier, i definitely want a sequel cos there are many questions unanswered i feel. so many things unsolved and THIS IS A SPOILER!!! Yoo il dies, well he might be alive though. hehe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tazza (k.drama)

I was really amazed by this series. So many twists and new developments in 21 episodes. I loved it of course.
Go Ni(Jang Hyuk) and Young Min(Kim Min Joon?) were childhood buddies who went through thick and thin together. One day, to get money for Young Min's grandmother's operation, Go Ni took his mother's years of hard earned money and gambled it away, and of course, he lost. And thus, his life is changed from then on. Due to some events, he ends up in jail and meets people who changes his life forever.
This is just a quick and lazy summary of mine. Don't think oh it's so boring and all hehe sorry i can't write in a better way. You'd be thinking what is tazza and all, that was my question as well since i don't understand korean. But from what i understand from the show, it most likely means a gambler who cheats, or somewhere along those lines i guess.
Not only action, but you can also find romance and humor here. The romance between Go Ni and Nan suk(Han Ye Sul) is so sweet. too sweet sigh Childhood friends, hidden crush, separation, reunion, and then separation again, sigh so much drama. I mean they don't exaggerate but my heart always skipped a beat when i saw them. When they see each other, they're just grinning like fools lol They don't even have to say much, just grin. But the chemistry is there.
The humor is great, i personally liked dong chul haha he made me laugh, but of course, the other stars were fabulous as well.
Young Min was a half villain here hehe half because he was made by circumstances but in the end, he still loved his two friends(go ni and nan suk). I really felt for his character, it was so sad. I really like Jang Hyuk, (go ni) i've seen other series of his too. well go ni really matured in the end, of course everyone in the show matured and changed since it had been years:P nan suk, wow she was amazing. she could be so sweet (to go ni) and then really vicious to her enemies. not often but at times, it can be seen. i've seen the actress before too, in some really bitchy roles she does a great job, bitchy and innocent. madam jung, another actress, was wonderful here too. great job by her.
But what i really liked was of course the romance found. as usual hehehe ^_^ it's so sweet that nan suk and go ni are so dedicated to each other, their love is so awkward, and so sweet and strong at times. sighhh oh my fluttering heart sheesh and the way they do the tricks wow, did they really do it? or is everything just a trick? i'm talking about how they swipe the cards or flip so fast and all. if they really did it, man they must have practised lots. oh well anyway i hope you all enjoy this. it's got everything i could look for in a drama.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update:Empress Chun Chu(The Iron Empress)(korean)

This has been updated and now I can't wait for more. I was actually beginning to get bored with maybe 3-4 of the previous episodes but episode 35 made me wanting for more. It's going to get really interesting now, the battle between the two queens hehehe
And it's also really confusing. Merchant Kim is getting me confused. I wonder what he will do in the end though i do know what his intention is. Oh well, for those of you who is actually watching this show, interesting isn't it?^_^

Hong Gil Dong (k.drama)

Truthfully, i wasn't expecting much from this series but i still decided to watch cos the actors all seemed really good looking and pretty :P well partly that and partly because i do like korean period dramas or somethin like that anyway. but yea the former is the main reason. ^_^
Hong gil dong is an illegitimate child of a minister, heo yi nok is a naive and carefree girl who's just returned from china to korea, looking to make a fortune with her grandfather and lee chang hui is a prince who's been told that he's a rightful king of korea. Somehow, they all cross paths and there, their story starts.
Like i said earlier, i wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised. i actually enjoyed myself while watching this. There were times where i fast forwarded but i did not skip any episodes. The actors, supporting and main all, did a wonderful job in my opinion.
Yi nok's grandfather and gil dong's master especially stuck in my mind. They were one of the main source of comic relief besides yi nok and gil dong who themselves, were wonderful. It's partly because of the latter two that made it really enjoyable. The relationship between the two was so sweet.
At the same time, i loved the prince too. I bet it must have been tough to always keep scowling or be moody like the prince did. The very few times that he was able to smile, it was wonderful to see that. The prince was more of the silent type who doesn't socialise much and all, opposite from gil dong, who's lazy and hyper. So when the prince met yi nok who's so naive and in her own words, dumb, he started to slowly change and i felt myself rooting for the two to be together though i knew that it was not the case since gil dong was more of the main.
But if the story and all was a little different and there was no gil dong, i would have loved the two to be together. my romantic heart anyway. The strong, silent and wicked guy who changes because of the naive innocent girl. sighhh
oh well, enough of that, so the main reason why i enjoyed this show besides the points i mentioned above is that this show is hilarious. It made me smile and even laugh out loud at times. If someone had seen me, I'd have looked like a fool. kk enjoy guys^_^

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beautiful Life

Another takuya kimura show^_^ couldn't help it, loved him on pride so wanted to watch another of his shows again, one which i thought i'd like anyway, and i did. i'm sure many know of this show too.
Kyoko, (tokiwa takako) wheelchair bound due to illness, and Shuji, (takuya kimura), a famous hair stylist, encounter each other in a traffic accident. Despite their confrontational meeting, Shuji is drawn to her courage and enthusiasm while Kyoko is attracted to his ability to look beyond her handicap and into her heart. However, there are obstacles as usual before they can be together.
What i really liked here was the problems both of them had, how they tried to solve it or what they did anyway. It was realistic i felt, and tragic though i really didn't want tragedy in my shows that i watched. Near the end, my throat was always constricted, tears threatened, though they didn't pour out. so you can more or less guess what happened.