Monday, September 21, 2009

Cutie Boy (manhwa)

Another manhwa that i surprisingly finished reading quite fast. it was enjoyable while it lasted hehe
han ah used to be bullied in elementary school for have a wide and flat butt. she hated that boy ever since. now in high school, she's the legendary captain of il hwa girls' high school and looking for a pretty boyfriend. she meets the mellow and seemingly perfect yoo min, and there their story starts.
from the forums, it seems not many are as fond of this manhwa but for me, i don't know why, but i enjoyed it. mostly, there is comic relief here. the art is quite good too. our main leads are really dumb though, or to put it nicely, too naive and innocent at times, especially yoo min. but that is the fun of this manga. hehe i didn't think his dumbness didn't go overboard personally. his friends' reactions were a joy to watch too and it was really suspenseful at times too. near the end especially. i thought one thing, but it turned out the other.
overall, this manhwa has action definitely, romance and loads of humor. it's definitely an enjoyable read if you want to while away your time. it's on mangfox and complete so enjoy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Accept You (manhwa)

in case, i haven't explained before, manhwa is a term for korean comics, just like manga is for japanese comics. this manhwa is quite nice although it could have been better.
yee su yoon is a high school student who is really popular and has everything going well for him. he's handsome, clever, top fighter and has a really beautiful girlfriend whom everyone describes to a barbie. but why is it he always seems to mistreat her and instead protect a girl named chae shin hee?
so yea, the story mainly revolves around there. and it's really nice too, but maybe some might find the art not as good as many you have seen. but you'll get used to it. the only thing is that it was finished fast, as in there were many loopholes in the story. it could have been extended further. but since it was the manhwak's first manhwa, i guess it's good for someone who's just beginning. i hope that more of her manhwas in the future will be even better.
this manhwa has most of the genres that i like. romance and action. hehe some drama as well though i'm not really into drama. it was kinda shocking when the manhwa was getting interesting and then i'm seeing in the forum boards that there's only a few more chapters to go. oh well. it's complete now and on mangafox so go and read it if you guys are interested. enjoy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Koishite Akuma/Vampire Boy (japanese drama)

i like to read mangas on vampires and all so i was really glad when i found this series and even more so, after i finished watching it although there were some sad moments as well.
it's mainly about our vampire boy ruka, who has yet to mature to a full fledged vampire. To do that, he needs to drink human blood that he's drawn himself and so he goes to the human world. there, he boards with jiro, the owner of a chinese restaurant and enrols in high school. his homeroom teacher is a cheerful but meddlesome young woman who catches him off guard. and so begins their story.
unlike most shows, i actually felt this show flow really smoothly. for a short 10 episodes, it was quite good surprisingly. i did feel our main actor lacking at times, but given his good looks, all was forgiven:P the supporting cast did really well too, especially the classmates.
i don't know why but the show touched my heart at times, and i really felt for the teacher too. she did good i felt. there were times when ruka was really cute, like his denial to drink his teacher's blood lol he looked at everyone but gave her a miss haha
the ending was quite sad, and later it started to get a little serious. i was worried that it would be too rushed and thus wouldn't be as good, but surprisingly, it was put together very well and didn't make me feel regret or anything. even the end, only the romantic in me hoped for a happy ending where they ended together. but even though they didn't, looking at it from another angle, it was a good end i guess. but still, i wanted them together sighhh
anyway, i watched this on mysoju with eng subtitles but i had some problems with the viikii videos. but seems like it'll be settled on 17 sep?? hope it does, it's only a few more days to go. and now, i'm off to more mangas and dramas and animes and whatever i can 'gorge' myself on.