Friday, May 1, 2009

Beautiful Life

Another takuya kimura show^_^ couldn't help it, loved him on pride so wanted to watch another of his shows again, one which i thought i'd like anyway, and i did. i'm sure many know of this show too.
Kyoko, (tokiwa takako) wheelchair bound due to illness, and Shuji, (takuya kimura), a famous hair stylist, encounter each other in a traffic accident. Despite their confrontational meeting, Shuji is drawn to her courage and enthusiasm while Kyoko is attracted to his ability to look beyond her handicap and into her heart. However, there are obstacles as usual before they can be together.
What i really liked here was the problems both of them had, how they tried to solve it or what they did anyway. It was realistic i felt, and tragic though i really didn't want tragedy in my shows that i watched. Near the end, my throat was always constricted, tears threatened, though they didn't pour out. so you can more or less guess what happened.