Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hong Gil Dong (k.drama)

Truthfully, i wasn't expecting much from this series but i still decided to watch cos the actors all seemed really good looking and pretty :P well partly that and partly because i do like korean period dramas or somethin like that anyway. but yea the former is the main reason. ^_^
Hong gil dong is an illegitimate child of a minister, heo yi nok is a naive and carefree girl who's just returned from china to korea, looking to make a fortune with her grandfather and lee chang hui is a prince who's been told that he's a rightful king of korea. Somehow, they all cross paths and there, their story starts.
Like i said earlier, i wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised. i actually enjoyed myself while watching this. There were times where i fast forwarded but i did not skip any episodes. The actors, supporting and main all, did a wonderful job in my opinion.
Yi nok's grandfather and gil dong's master especially stuck in my mind. They were one of the main source of comic relief besides yi nok and gil dong who themselves, were wonderful. It's partly because of the latter two that made it really enjoyable. The relationship between the two was so sweet.
At the same time, i loved the prince too. I bet it must have been tough to always keep scowling or be moody like the prince did. The very few times that he was able to smile, it was wonderful to see that. The prince was more of the silent type who doesn't socialise much and all, opposite from gil dong, who's lazy and hyper. So when the prince met yi nok who's so naive and in her own words, dumb, he started to slowly change and i felt myself rooting for the two to be together though i knew that it was not the case since gil dong was more of the main.
But if the story and all was a little different and there was no gil dong, i would have loved the two to be together. my romantic heart anyway. The strong, silent and wicked guy who changes because of the naive innocent girl. sighhh
oh well, enough of that, so the main reason why i enjoyed this show besides the points i mentioned above is that this show is hilarious. It made me smile and even laugh out loud at times. If someone had seen me, I'd have looked like a fool. kk enjoy guys^_^