Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Love to Kill (k.drama)

A tragic love story as is hinted from the title too. Tragic and sad stories are not my cup of tea. My romantic heart wants a happy story >_< but i still watched this because i like the two main leads, rain and shin min ah.
Bok gu, a K-1 fighter, falls in love with Eun seok, a celebrity. It's forbidden love for him because his emotionally wounded brother became a vegetable partly because of her. His brother loved her too. Thus, Bok gu seeks revenge on her and while bringing her to destruction, he's falling deeper in love with her too.
It's actually a nice story, if only it had a happy twist in the end. But i guess, in a way, it's...happy? i don't know. If they had extended a little more or clarified how life went on, i would have been more satisfied i guess.
Rain did a good job i felt despite being a singer. I felt longing in him, pain and happiness from Bok gu. He looked cool too:)
Shin min ah is one of my favourite actresses. And i was really satisfied with her performance here too. Her character had a lot of crying to do. Near the later part of the drama, it was especially touching and made even me emotional.
The supporting characters did great especially kim sir,:P, da jeong and mi sook. the latter was the one who lightened up this tragic show. It was a welcome relief from the sadness there was. Our other two supporters were really realistic. Both of them were really selfish but in the end, they learned their lesson. It was hard to hate them, especially as their feelings were an emotion almost everyone experiences. Of course, there were times where they were really irritating. Not the people mind you, but their characters hehe:D
I definitely don't want to watch sad shows but once in a while, i guess it's ok. ^_^