Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tell me you love me (k.drama)

I would have really loved this if there wasn't too much sad stuff happening.
2 childhood friends who have grown up together since they were little share everything, even their dream, so to make that come true, both of them enter the same film company. And then, there's Ina, a successful owner and president of the film company. She also has Hee Soo beside her though they're not madly in love and lead their own private lives. When she sees the 2 childhood friends, she begins to feel jealous as she did not really have that experience. And now, she's feeling at loss so she tells Hee Soo, "Take Young Chae away from Byung Soo".
This story was a little different in the sense that Byung Soo was different from the characters i had seen so far. of course, there were his type of characters in mangas and all but in a series, this is a first, unless i forgot that is. :P
He is naive, veering to the point of nearly dumb i would say, but that is what makes me endearing too. He is so devoted to Young Chae, now she is the one with spunk and one who controls the bulk of their relationship. and yet at the same time, she understands him so well. Their chemistry is so good, and i really enjoyed every part of their happy scenes that they had which unfortunately was not much.
The things that they had to endure made me so tired, not tired of watching mind you, but tired as i felt like i was in their shoes. Man, if in real life, i had to go through that, i wonder if i would have been able to cope hmm...
But you know, the world is so vast, i think there are actually people who've had similar experiences. Not the same of course, but maybe similar in some sense. Oh well, but overall, this is still a nice show. I really felt for Byung Soo but at times, i wished that he'd grow more spunk and be more selfish too ehehe anyway enjoy watching this, you'll love the relationship between Byung Soo and Young Chae for sure if you're like me. And Young Chae's father really made my sides stitch in the beginning part of the show. lol