Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Lucky Star ( taiwanese drama)

I didn't think this drama would really catch my attention but somehow it did. The story seemed relatively simple when I read the review on mysoju. I decided to give it a try as I wanted to see how the story would turn out.
It's basically about a guy and a girl of course. The girl is like the boy who cried wolf. She lies so much that no one trusts her. The guy does, though it's partly cos he doesn't really know yet. He is actually a rich guy while the gal's poor. And so the story goes.
I thought it was a predictable storyline initially but still liked it. The romance of these two was so sweet. In fact, I got so engrossed that after some events I thought that ahh, it's finally gonna be happy ever after for those two. But I was shocked when I found out that it had only been around 10 episodes!!! I was like what? How is the story gonna continue since it's like 20 episodes? From then, I became even more engrossed. And I definitely wasn't disappointed.
It became even more interesting with another character added. And there was action as well and not all idol drama only. I was really happy with the series overall. The actors and actresses did their parts well too.
Jimmy Lin was the male lead while korean actress, Yoo Ha Na, was the female lead. At first, I was thinking if Jimmy could pull it off because some shows that I had seen him in, I thought he was ok. He was cute and all but sometimes I felt that his acting was a little lacking though it had been a long time since I last saw him. Also, I felt his face made it hard for him to just take on any roles. He has a really young cute boyish face so it's hard to take on mature roles. But he did justice to his role in the drama. He did well.
Ha Na also was fabulous. I've seen her in some korean dramas though I can't recall what they are. I only wished that I could hear her real voice instead of dub. But I still liked it.
I was happy with the ending though I felt it could have been more detailed as to what happened with the villains and all but I'm not one to complain. I'm satisfied. You can find this series on mysoju of course.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mars (taiwanese drama)

Well, I'm sure that most of you know about this one. There's a manga on it too though I haven't finished the manga as I've read once before long ago but forgot. I'm trying to complete it but many other new and updated manga are keeping me busy for a while hehehe And also, I'm a little too lazy to write online so just updating here when I feel like it.

A playboy and an introvert girl who's too quiet may seem an unlikely pair but like they say, opposites attract. It was my first time watching this drama though I already knew the story and I have to admit it was worth watching it. It went even deeper than I thought. Once together, the protagonists have their fair share of obstacles to overcome that got me hooked.

What I really liked was that this series not only have romance but action in it. And the story is not that simple as well. Both the main leads have scars which are hard to heal. And I found it really touching that both of them healed each other's wounds. It helped that I like both the main leads as well.

Barbie did a great job in playing a quiet role. It was different from the roles that she's used to playing; the outgoing type. Vic also did marvelous. Although he did look a little bigger than in Sweet Relationship(a series that he acted in). I'll definitely be seeing this show later in the future too when I'm free and have nothing to do. I'll just skip some parts that I find boring and see the rest.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Corner With Love(taiwanese drama)

A drama that I realllly liked. I watched this non stop. Well, for as long as I could that is. ehehe Well, to begin with, this show has show/alan luo and barbie hsu. the female lead is a rich princess type of girl while the male lead is a poor oyster omelette prince(as said in drama:P) hehe
the princess has a very blessed life until her parents leave her alone and flee once they are bankrupt. even her rich princely boyfriend ends up getting engaged to another girl though the boyfriend still does like her.
she goes to taiwan as her mother has given her keys to a house there but surprisingly, it turns out to be the omelette prince's house grins and then the fun begins.
what i really liked about this show is that it's really different from many romantic dramas. it is so interesting to watch the male lead or alan as i'm goin to call him now. i have to hand it to him. he portrayed his character really well. he's so mushy and yet doesn't want to show it. he tries confessing number of times but they always end up quarrelling. hehehe but then, he goes to find her and makes up again. hahaha that was sooo sweet.
the female lead was really fabulous as well. barbie has mostly been in poor girl roles, (well those that i've watched anyway hehe) so this princess role, she did really well. it suited her so well hehe arrogant and proud, yet so negligent of the poor ways as well. it was really amazing to see her different faces of confusion, anger and so on.
the best thing is this show focuses so much on their feelings. the leads did a great job in my opinion. also, every episode, be it romantic or heartbreaking(yes there is of course), there is definitely hilarity in it. it's not missing in even one episode and that's the best thing.
heeh i know i said best in so many ways but can't help it. this was good. even while feeling sad for the leads and others, i can't help laughin at the funny parts.
after the show, they show some ngs and interviews with some of the characters and it's really interesting to hear and see how they prepared for the show. you have to catch this part absolutely. it's hilarious hehe.
well from my previous posts you should know that i post about things that are found online so same goes for this too. you can find it in mysoju. you might try looking on other sites like youtube and crunchyroll too though i didn't as i found all on mysoju. so hope you enjoy this show too and do leave your feedback on how you found this show and maybe your views and opinions. even if you disagree you're free to leave comments^_^

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Avatar Aang, The Last Airbender (anime)

This series was really nothing at all like what I had expected. In short, I loved it. I'm really lucky that I found out about this series when it was just recently completed. It would have sucked to wait for new episodes to be uploaded if not. hehe
And there are like 3 seasons. Man, I thought it'd be boring but I just decided to give it a try when I saw some of its trailers. It looked really cool hehe and I must say, it was worth my time spent on watching it online. What surprised me even more was that there was actually some romance in it and I really didn't expect that definitely. What's more, the lead seemed to be a monk and all and you could say I was kind of dejected at the thought of no romance but it proved me wrong and I'm so happy about it.
Well this series is basically about the adventures of aang, the last airbender. He turns out to be the avatar and all which you'll undersand what it is if you watch the show. Some episodes, especially the invasion and big fights really left me breathless, they gave me goosebumps.
But I wished the ending, they could have spent a little more on the 2 main leads. Oh well, I loved it anyway. If you guys do want to watch it, you can find it on or just type avatar episodes and there are tons of links for you. You can either watch it online or download.
You should know by now that all the posts here can usually be found online hehe as well as download of course.^_^ enjoy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Max Lovely (manga)

ok so i'm going back on my word. i'm gonna post incomplete works also. i just can't help it. there are really good ones out there that are not incomplete but i dont think i'd get tired of them. i think in maybe a few mths, even if they weren't updated, i'd still be reading them
this one, the title is max lovely as u clever people know. ^_^
the main guy and gal are basically best friends^^ both really popular hehehe and their events i guess ehehe i'm not gonna say much. the genre is more of romance, comedy, i guess with a tinge of mystery one my favourite types of manga hehehe u have to see it. u can find it on mangafox. but warning again. it's not complete

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inuyasha (manga)

Well, i'm sure many of you have definitely heard of this one. And the good news is that it's finally finished. ^_^ I mean the whole volume comic or whatever, it is done, complete. You should be able to find it at mangafox. It's all online so you don't have to worry about downloading. I'm not sure if onemanga has uploaded it but you can check them out. After so long, it's finally finished.
It was a good read though in the later parts, maybe the art somehow changed a little, i don't know. You can even find it in anime as i'm sure most of you know. You can find it in youtube confirmed, veoh should have it as well though not sure about crunchyroll. It's been long since i went there. i just went there recently to check out a movie which i did find^^. Anyway, hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tokyo Crazy Paradise (manga)

I wonder if any of you have heard of this one. hehehe this manga is so hilarious, I realllly recommend it. Tsukasa (a girl) is brought up as a boy in order to protect herself in the crime filled world especially against girls. hehe Ryuji, a fellow classmate, is a yakuza or gangster of high status. (in gangster world of course hehe) Due to some events, Tsukasa becomes a bodyguard for Ryuji. What happens to these two people from different worlds??? Read on to find out. I can guarantee you that this manga will have you up in stiches.
Initially, I didn't really feel like reading this manga as the art was not really my type. But the guy did look handsome at times and the girl was just too cute so I decided to continue. hehe Lo and behold, I actually became addicted. In fact, when there are no new mangas or none updated for me to read and I'm quite free, I read that again. I don't know how many times I've re-read it. hehehe
You can find the complete manga in or mangafox too I think. Let me know how you find it once you've read it. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Prince Who Turned Into a Frog (taiwanese drama)

Well, this is another series starring Ming Dao and Qiao En. I'm sure most of you know of this series as I think it did quite well, even better that Meteor Garden I think though I forgot.
From the title, you can more or less guess that a rich guy will become poor. Very vague I know, but if you want to know about the story and all, you can just search for it in yahoo itself or in wikipedia. For me, I prefer the latter as it is really detailed. Of course, you must be prepared for spoilers.
This is the show that got me hooked with the two main leads. hehe They did a very convincing act and never once did I feel that they over acted. Of course, I may be biased when I say this. hehe so All opinions and feedbacks are welcome. I especially respect Yunxi. Of course in the show itself, most of the times, I didn't really like her but this just shows how convincing the actress acted. I'm sorry But I don't really know her name hehe as I don't tend to remember much. Even the two lead that I can remember, I don't know their full names.
But the people who came up with this story, I really have to hand it to them. If the story wasn't so interesting, I doubt if it would have done well with the viewers. Put it together with great actors and actresses, and you got a success show.
You can watch this on mysoju or veoh. It's also on youtube. These are the main sites that I watch but I think myspace also has videos so you might want to try them as well.

Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (taiwanese drama)

Well, I have just finished watching this drama and I loveeee it!!! It stars Ming Dao and Qiao En. I loved this couple since I first saw them on The Prince Who Turned Into a Frog. But I'll talk about this in another post.
Ying Ye 3+1 as it is also known is about 3 guys and a gal. They're childhood friends and it's basically about their adventures you could say for lack of better word. hehe
There are 16 episodes in total. The first half or 8 episodes were really funny and I loved them. They'll still be in school and they really carry it out well. The later part of the shows has the leads maturing I feel. It becomes more serious with some troubles added in.
I was a sucker for this show already when I read that it contained my two favourite stars and the story was the type that I really liked. 2 childhood friends who always quarrel but love each other actually. Cliched I know but I still like it.
You can watch this online on veoh or All the titles that I mention here can be watched or read online basically since I don't like to download. hehehe

Hi all!!!

Well, my other blogs 'failed' as I was too busy to update them and I lost interest. But I have hope that this will be on for quite a long time, though i'm just starting. grins
This blog of mine will be mainly on my own reviews and thoughts on mangas, animes, and dramas. All the reviews are only of those that I have watched and if ever, one day, anyone sees this, do let me know your comments or views as well as it's your opinion as well.
And do give suggestions or suggest good shows that you have watched as well.