Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Accept You (manhwa)

in case, i haven't explained before, manhwa is a term for korean comics, just like manga is for japanese comics. this manhwa is quite nice although it could have been better.
yee su yoon is a high school student who is really popular and has everything going well for him. he's handsome, clever, top fighter and has a really beautiful girlfriend whom everyone describes to a barbie. but why is it he always seems to mistreat her and instead protect a girl named chae shin hee?
so yea, the story mainly revolves around there. and it's really nice too, but maybe some might find the art not as good as many you have seen. but you'll get used to it. the only thing is that it was finished fast, as in there were many loopholes in the story. it could have been extended further. but since it was the manhwak's first manhwa, i guess it's good for someone who's just beginning. i hope that more of her manhwas in the future will be even better.
this manhwa has most of the genres that i like. romance and action. hehe some drama as well though i'm not really into drama. it was kinda shocking when the manhwa was getting interesting and then i'm seeing in the forum boards that there's only a few more chapters to go. oh well. it's complete now and on mangafox so go and read it if you guys are interested. enjoy.