Monday, August 24, 2009


ok, so i've read tons of manga and watched tons of anime, but have been too lazy to write about any of them, or just didn't really like them. but i quite enjoyed this manga, even though it was quite short. 14 chapters to be exact.
Ryuu, a super business like transfer student just arrived in japan from england. Yukino, your ordinary girl and ryuu become attracted to each other at first sight. He then declares,"You'll be mine!" Yukino who doesn't have any love experience is of course confused.
Thus, this series is mostly about their falling in love, their feelings. this manga has just been completed, and i quite enjoyed it. i felt it had all the necessary ingredients that i liked, romance lots. some comedy and even a little action though that was really little. the art was good too. the guys and gals were hot and cool and really pleasing to our eyes. it also helped that there wasn't much love triangles at all. it just means that really sweet moments between the two, and it's really sweet how the guy is so possessive and all. ehhehehe oh well, i can rant on and on but will not. hope you guys enjoy the series.