Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pride (j.drama)

Takuya Kimura is sooo hot here! In my opinion anyway ^_^ I just finished watching this series though it's not my first time of course. I watched it again because i especially liked the chemistry between the two main lead actors. grins yea i know, againnn?? hehe who cares. i like it and that's all that matters^_^
Haru (kimura) is the star player of an ice hockey team while Aki (takeuchi yuko) is your normal ordinary ol (office lady). So what do they have in common?? Watch the show hahaha sounds like i'm promoting huh,
well i don't really know how to describe thus i'll just leave it at that, but i really gotta admit, i enjoyed seeing the chemistry between those two going from awkward to good and all. ^_^ and it's not only about them. There are their friends and their problems, the ice hockey and all, though i guess the sport is not as much the main factor maybe. I wished they had more series together but seems like this is their only collaboration unless, i haven't seen or come across any which is highly possible too.
But again, i really really gotta say, i felt that takuya kimura looked his best here from all his series i have seen so far. It also helps that his character is a confident, arrogant man hehehe Well hope you all enjoy^_^