Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twilight (eng movie)

After so long, i've watched an english movie again online. there was all the hype on this movie and though i was interested in things like vampires and supernatural stuff, i didn't really feel like watching this movie then. but i suddenly got the urge to watch it yesterday. don't ask me why. i just felt like it and i did and i did not regret it.
this is more about the love story between edward, our hot vampire, and bella, our loner ordinary girl. bella has just moved to forks, and is intrigued by edward. due to some events, she finds out his secret but it's already too late for her as she's head over heels in love with him just as edward is for her. but their forbidden love is about to face trouble.
actually, personally, i enjoyed the feelings and intensity between the two leads. they portrayed the emotions really well. the supporting cast were really good too. the only thing was that the plot was not much. it was only concentrating on their feelings and the disapproval of families and all. the enemies were not many. but i guess, this is just because there are more sequels to come. and also, i enjoy having some action together with the romance.
but i did enjoy it even though the action was not as much as i would have liked. also, looking at the sequel, twilight;the new moon, there seems to be more action, a lot more than the prequel. but edward seems to take more of a back seat here giving the spotlight to jacob, our werewolf, bella's friend and one who has a crush on her. still it seems exciting.
this is a romantic movie with the cast acting really well especially our two leads. the romantic in me was like gushing when edward saw her. so sweet and cute hehehe anyway, too much rambling starting. you can find this on youtube, but i watched it on wiiki/viiki (forgot spelling) ehehe cos they have english subtitles there. it makes it so much easier to understand. it's all complete and online so enjoy people.