Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Akaku Saku Koe (manga)

This is a manga where the art is just average in my opinion. I mean i've seen more handsome guys and pretty gals in manga. but still, this one did manage to keep up my interest. don't really know why though. hmm... maybe cos it has genres that i like such as mystery, romance, supernatural etc etc
A high school boy with such a beautiful voice, so beautiful that he can make anyone do anything just by saying something, that is Karashima. Due to this dangerous ability, he distances himself from everything. That is until he finds himself involved in criminal investigations which he can help solve and a girl named Kokubu who seems to be in love with him.
It's a short manga with only 14 chapters including 2 extras. but the feelings are quite deep. it was quite refreshing to see the girl chasing after the guy rather than vice versa. and it talks about the girl's feelings which i feel is so real. it also helps that this has action too. it wasn't like one of my favourites like 'from far away' but it helped to pass my time. ... did tht sound a little too harsh?? ehehe well this is complete on onemanga and mangafox so enjoy guys