Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Couple or Trouble (korean drama)

I've kept this series on hold because i thought it was a love triangle and wasn't that interested in watching it. But after i saw some episodes on tv, i decided to give it a go. This show is hilarious! totally! It made me laugh till my sides ached.
Jo Anna is our rude, high class, american bred heiress who is never satisfied with things. She is a controlling wife to her already cowardly husband, Billy. When her yatch needs repairs, she hires the local handyman, Jang Chul Soo, but after a heated spat over her dissatisfaction and non payment, she pushes him overboard and throws his tools along with him. However she herself is pitched overboard after a quarrel with Billy and falls victim to amnesia. And so our story begins.
Kudos to all the cast who did such wonderful acting. The main two leads were superb as were the supporting cast too. i didn't skip any episodes at all as the show kept me on hook, making me wonder when their feelings would be known, and how it was going to end and all. 'Anna' did really well, being the rich, stuck up and proud heiress. Jang Chul Soo's expressions, when he was irritated with anna, was priceless. that was one of the highlights of the show. Billy's acting was great too. His expressions, like Chul Soo's was amazing. i bet that they had lots of ngs too hehe( no good takes) :P anyway i watched this all on youtube although you can find it on mysoju too. it's complete so i hope you all enjoy it.