Friday, January 1, 2010

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (hindi movie)

I don't think i'll get tired of this movie. I admit it's a little cliched but it happens. There could have been some improvements in some areas of acting but there were some moments which really rocked for me. It's a simple story but friendship rocks here.
This movie is about two best friends, Jai and Aditi, and their friendship. It shows how close they are and yet, not even an inkling of romantic feelings between them initially. And so, the story progresses. ^_^
I really liked Emran Khan's acting here. It was his first film i think, and he did well. It also helps that he's really good looking ehehe And Aditi, (sorry i forgot her name><") is natural with her role too. The role really suited her. There were times that I felt that she overdid a little but not much. I really enjoyed how close the two leads were. They acted so well being platonic friends that it looked natural. I watched this movie on youtube and they have really good quality there. Hope you guys enjoy it.