Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kotaro Makaritoru (manga)

This is one old manga that i'll never get tired of. seriously. it has everything that i could want for in a manga, maybe a little too much. action, humor, romance, great illustrations(albeit old fashioned) yum yum, the ingredients needed for mangas that i like.
Kotaro Shindo- your average perverted high school boy who lacks common sense and any inhibitions whatsoever. but there's just one thing. he's a fighting genius, a karate expert descended from a long line of ninjas. he's always getting into trouble with school officials and peeping at girls or trying to steal their panties especially Mayumi's, his childhood friend. he's protective of 3 things-his reallly long hair, his panty collection and Mayumi. This story is about his adventures.
There is some pervertness in this story, some ecchi, so some of you might be put off. but that's also what makes this story so original. the drawing, though not as good as the ones nowadays, but personally, i loved the drawings. i think it's considered good in earlier times when it just came out.
the story is quite comedic initially but as the series progresses, it gets serious. the only thing that i am not satisfied with is that it's not completeeee!!! i mean, the story has been finished by the mangaka if i'm not wrong. it's just that it hasn't been scanned online completely. same goes for its sequels, shin kotaro makaritoru and kotaro makaritoru l. i'm sooo hoping that it will get scanlated but seems like that will just remain a dream. well i read this on mangafox so you guys might wanna read it too if you have the time. i have repeated this i don't know how many times already now. that's how much i liked this manga. oh i'm just praying for some kind soul to complete the whole series. enjoy