Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fugitive Plan B/Runaway Plan B (korean drama)

ok i've been waiting to watch this for a long time and have always been checking online and all, and recently i saw trailers on the tv so i knew that they'd be showing it soon. but unfortunately because of timing and all, i am not able to catch it and had completely forgotten about it until my sis told me that they're showing a really great drama starring rain. and i was like what!!!!
after searching some time on the net for episodes with english subs, i finally found one on dramacrazy. so far, i've watched just the first episode but that's making me want to watch the rest. which i hope will be uploaded as soon as possible. right now, it's until the 6th episode.
there is a lot of action here, the actors/actresses are great, eye-candy and romanceee is slowly burning. right now, the main mystery for me seems to be the female lead, who is she actually? and what importance does she have that people are trying to kill her? hmm.....
well i'll be reviewing this after this show is over and i've watched everything. and i'm not lazy of course. that's the main thing.:P hope you guys like this new show.