Friday, September 10, 2010

Personal Taste/Preference (korean drama)Finished!

well after putting in long hours, the show is finally complete and there's a little sadness in me that the show is over. this did not bore me as most korean dramas do, as most korean dramas tend to have too much...drama i guess and that's a little too much for my heart hehehe it's been a long time since i've felt this way about a show; where i would want to watch it immediately after i open up my internet. and i was not disappointed for sure. jin ho(male lead) was so sweet, sweeter than chocolate. and he's so in love with kae in(female lead). and i especially love it when the guy is crazy about the girl. hehehe he did everything for her sighhh ^_^
there were some really funny moments, especially with some bloopers in some episodes. i just wish they had bloopers at the end of every episode. oh well. at the same time, there were serious and aww moments too and near the end, i even had a little tear jerker moment personally for a while. my heart ached basically. the emotions the cast were able to dredge up in me, man they did a fantastic job.
i watched this on youtube, so i read some of the comments too and really, there were so many nasty comments at some characters; not the real ones of course, just the roles they were doing. it just shows how well they were able to portray them. i don't think you'll be disappointed with this show and also, the eye candy also helps:P both for the males and females hehe well hope you enjoy the show like i did.