Thursday, October 28, 2010

Runaway Plan B is Great

i know i said i would write after this show was complete but i couldn't help it. i'm now nearly halfway through the series and runaway plan b is on the right track for me. not only doesn it have action, mystery, suspense and romance as its genres, it also has lots of comedy. it's in one word...hilarious!!
even the policeman is funny at times hehehe the cast, everyone is great. i sure hope to see more of rain in action romantic roles sighhhh a love to kill was great but too sad. that was one of my favourites though, his emotions were great there. i thought daniel henney would have some small part as the boyfriend but he seems to be getting even more mysterious but one thing's for sure in the show, he definitely loves our heroine. that is so sweet so it's gonna be a little sad when jinni(our heroine has to choose between them) both our guys are great also, so much adventure with great scenes, i'm kinda jealous hehe.
and right now near the halfway mark, seems like jiwoo(rain) is beginning to realise his feelings. man, i can't wait for the updates now. pity i can't understand korean sheesh oh well all i can do is wait. i hope you guys are enjoying this as much as i am.
i'm adding this a few days later. finally got to see episodes 8 and 9 and boy the cliffhanger is killing me!!! what happens next??? i hope it's uploaded fast.