Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Guy(korean drama)

i finally finished watching this. it took me quite a while although it's just 17 episodes as the genre is not really my cup of tea. this is more tragic, psychological, sad, suspense, mystery with of course, a bit of romance. but still, i completed as i was really drawn to the characters especially our main leads.
gun wook wants revenge against haeshin group, a company to whom tae soong is the heir. jae in is a woman who wants to marry rich so that she can live comfortably...their lives become entangled.
what can i say? it was kind of a dark series but some parts really touched me and got to me. although i enjoyed this series, i'm more of a happy ever after person, so i definitely didn't like the tragedy and the ending. i hoped it could have been better but it broke my you guys can guess what's likely to happen huh hehe kk no spoilers more than this. all in all, this drama is a nice addition to those of you who are interested in suspense and mystery. that was great and kept me thinking though i had my suspicions. i watched this is dramacrazy although you can find it in mysoju as well. hope you enjoy this.