Monday, November 10, 2008

Corner With Love(taiwanese drama)

A drama that I realllly liked. I watched this non stop. Well, for as long as I could that is. ehehe Well, to begin with, this show has show/alan luo and barbie hsu. the female lead is a rich princess type of girl while the male lead is a poor oyster omelette prince(as said in drama:P) hehe
the princess has a very blessed life until her parents leave her alone and flee once they are bankrupt. even her rich princely boyfriend ends up getting engaged to another girl though the boyfriend still does like her.
she goes to taiwan as her mother has given her keys to a house there but surprisingly, it turns out to be the omelette prince's house grins and then the fun begins.
what i really liked about this show is that it's really different from many romantic dramas. it is so interesting to watch the male lead or alan as i'm goin to call him now. i have to hand it to him. he portrayed his character really well. he's so mushy and yet doesn't want to show it. he tries confessing number of times but they always end up quarrelling. hehehe but then, he goes to find her and makes up again. hahaha that was sooo sweet.
the female lead was really fabulous as well. barbie has mostly been in poor girl roles, (well those that i've watched anyway hehe) so this princess role, she did really well. it suited her so well hehe arrogant and proud, yet so negligent of the poor ways as well. it was really amazing to see her different faces of confusion, anger and so on.
the best thing is this show focuses so much on their feelings. the leads did a great job in my opinion. also, every episode, be it romantic or heartbreaking(yes there is of course), there is definitely hilarity in it. it's not missing in even one episode and that's the best thing.
heeh i know i said best in so many ways but can't help it. this was good. even while feeling sad for the leads and others, i can't help laughin at the funny parts.
after the show, they show some ngs and interviews with some of the characters and it's really interesting to hear and see how they prepared for the show. you have to catch this part absolutely. it's hilarious hehe.
well from my previous posts you should know that i post about things that are found online so same goes for this too. you can find it in mysoju. you might try looking on other sites like youtube and crunchyroll too though i didn't as i found all on mysoju. so hope you enjoy this show too and do leave your feedback on how you found this show and maybe your views and opinions. even if you disagree you're free to leave comments^_^