Monday, December 22, 2008

Mars (taiwanese drama)

Well, I'm sure that most of you know about this one. There's a manga on it too though I haven't finished the manga as I've read once before long ago but forgot. I'm trying to complete it but many other new and updated manga are keeping me busy for a while hehehe And also, I'm a little too lazy to write online so just updating here when I feel like it.

A playboy and an introvert girl who's too quiet may seem an unlikely pair but like they say, opposites attract. It was my first time watching this drama though I already knew the story and I have to admit it was worth watching it. It went even deeper than I thought. Once together, the protagonists have their fair share of obstacles to overcome that got me hooked.

What I really liked was that this series not only have romance but action in it. And the story is not that simple as well. Both the main leads have scars which are hard to heal. And I found it really touching that both of them healed each other's wounds. It helped that I like both the main leads as well.

Barbie did a great job in playing a quiet role. It was different from the roles that she's used to playing; the outgoing type. Vic also did marvelous. Although he did look a little bigger than in Sweet Relationship(a series that he acted in). I'll definitely be seeing this show later in the future too when I'm free and have nothing to do. I'll just skip some parts that I find boring and see the rest.