Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart (taiwanese drama)

i thought i had written about this series but when i came in to check if there were any posts to be edited, it seemed that i hadn't done any on this one. it's been quite long since i last watched this series.
xue hai was an innocent when he first arrived in hangzhou. he fell in love when his schoolmate bao zhu saved him from bullying. but due to a misunderstanding, they lost contact with each other. thinking that she dumped him, he transformed himself into a hunk and became a playboy who didn't believe in love anymore.
well, i remember being really amused by this show. also, at the same time, i felt irritated because of the many misunderstandings between our leads sigh and how long it took for them to get back together again. but i did complete the show. it's really funny and definitely will make you go aww at many parts. i also felt really sad for the guy who had a thing for baozhu for so long. well it was entertaining for me, hope it is for you too.