Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chinese Paladin 3 (mainland drama)

Although chinese paladin was actually made earlier, the story for chinese paladin 3 is the prequel. the story happened years (don't know how many though) before chinese paladin, it's said.

jing tian, a mischievous pawnshop assistant crosses path with the spoiled and sassy tang xue jian. xu chang jing, the eldest disciple of mt shu sect, aids them when they encounter danger. meanwhile, chonglou, the demon lord, breaks into mt shu's suo yao pagoda to retrieve a magical sword and passes it to jing tian, saying it belonged to the latter in his past life, and forces him to battle. the 5 elders of mt shu call upon jing tian and chang jing to attain 5 mystical pearls and to seal up suo yao pagoda and to destroy a powerful evil force so as to save the world from destruction. together with xue jian, they set off to accomplish their mission. on the way, they overcome various obstacles and must solve mysteries pertainin to their past.

well, if you're someone who prefers realistic shows, then this is not for you!! this show is full of fantasy, supernatural stuff with adventure, comedy, history, romance. basically almost all the genres except for reality i guess:P

personally, i think the 2 chinese paladins both have their own uniqueness. both are enjoyable in their own way. the only thing i don't like is that it's tragic. sad shows are so not for me, but still, i braved my fears and continued watching. what i really liked about chinese paladin 3 was the way the story flowed. it wasn't as confusing as some i have actually watched. not only that, the love stories that were in it were so touching. they really made me reflect on the word love. for a while anyway:P the cast was brilliant in my opinion. everyone was up to par and definitely helped the show too since i'm not one who usually watches shows like these too, unless of course, there are great, eye candy actors/actresses. in this case it was everyone, but especially hu ge who played jing tian and yang mi who played xue jian. loved them. also loved wallace huo who played chang jing.
oh well, enough ramblings, those who have a vivid open imaginatio, and don't mind all those what some call 'fake stuff' then you might want to catch this show. it makes you laugh that's for sure. if you're a reality buff, then you can give this a miss, as there's nothing realistic about this, unless you want to count the moral you can get from this show. you can find this on mysoju but i watched it on youtube. it was great. i think some links were missing on mysoju, that's why. well, enjoy!!!